Birthday Series………. Truth NO 28!!! 

28 Truths that the Lord has taught Me in 28 years!!! 
#Birthday Series!!! 
#Truth No 28: 28th Year Birthday wishes From My Heavenly Father!!! 
My Dear Son, :Victor ” Before I formed You in the womb,  I knew You. Before You were Born, I sanctified You I have loved You with an Everlasting Love, I have chosen you to be Mine before the Foundation of the World was created. I was the One who formed Your Inward part, I covered you in Your mother’s womb. Victor, I know the thoughts I think towards You, thoughts of Peace and not of Evil to give you a future and a hope. The Good work I have begun in You, I will complete It. I will make all things work together for Your good. 
Fear Not, For  I have put My Words in Your Mouth. I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your Adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist. I  will go before You. I will never Leave You. I will use You to show forth My Glory, Mercy and Compassion. Even to Your Old Age, You will bear Fruits and even to Gray hairs, I will carry You. 
Continue in My Love, Remember I love you just as I love Jesus. All I require from you is honesty for I love honest people. My Commandments are not burdensome therefore obey me cheerfully. Keep your eyes fixed upon Jesus for Holiness Comes by Looking unto Him. Remember I was Manifested in the Flesh. I came as a Man tempted in all areas exactly as you are. Continue to emphasize that the old Covenant has been Abolished and lead as many as I bring across your path to the new Covenant life.
Take up your cross daily for this is the one thing that I need you to do everyday. Remember that if you seek to live a Godly life in Christ Jesus, You will suffer persecution in this world. Be Faithful in little persecutions that comes your way now for it would prepare you for the coming Great Tribulation that will happen before my second coming. I have taken my time to count the number of your hair. Not a single hair falls without my knowledge. Therefore Nobody can harm you except you yourself. 
Contend earnestly for the Glory of the new Covenant!!! Proclaim to all men that the Old Covenant is Abolished!!! What the Law could not do, the Grace of God has empowered us for it. Be continuously filled with the Holy Spirit!!! Choose the profitable things from all over he Lawful things set before you. Don’t waste your time in things that does not Edify. 
Don’t ever forget that the only thing serious on Earth is Sin. Foolishness and all shame comes as a result of Sin. I the Lord is the Creator of Sex but do not awaken Love until it is ready. Stop thinking about your formal lifestyle. flee Sexual immorality. For there is time for everything. Remember the Cup filled with your Sin that Jesus had to drink so that you can be saved. 
Continue to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and every other thing you need will be added onto You. All that is highly esteemed in this world is an abomination before Me. All the opinions of Men about you should be thrown into the garbage bin. For I the Lord looks at the Heart. Forgive others exactly as I have Forgiven you. Treat everyone with dignity no matter what they have done. Remember I still have plans even for those who have failed. If you continue on this path, you will be a Maximum Christian compare with those who are looking for the minimum thing to do to get to Heaven. 

Don’t Compromise Even If it Means Standing Alone!!!  As You Follow Me,  I Will Make you Fisher Of MEN. Fear Not Victor!!!  I am Almighty,  I am able to Keep You from Falling,  I am the same I never Change,  I am the ALPHA and OMEGA!!! Happy Birthday!!!!, ”

Thank You Father….. I believe You will do this for Me because All Your Promises are YES in Christ Jesus!!!
Thank you Jesus, for the Grace given to Me to complete this series for the Praise and glory of His name. 
28 Truths that the Lord has taught Me in 28 years!!! 


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