Birthday Series…….. Truth NO 27!!!

28 Truths that the Lord has taught Me in 28 years!!! 
#Birthday Series!!! 
#Truth No 27: The Father’s Cup!!! 
Another fundamental Truth that has always challenged me each time I remember it is seeing how much it cost Jesus to Die for My Sins. This picture has always been set before me each time I am tempted to Sin and I would love to share with You. 

. Consider Jesus prayer few hours to the cross, “And Jesus prayed saying “O My Father, if it is possible, Let this Cup pass from Me: Nevertheless, not as I Will but as You will”… Matt 26:39
I was wondering what was in this Cup? Why was Jesus reluctant in taking this Cup? Was Jesus afraid of Suffering and Death? Impossible!!! I have read about how the Early Christians were beheaded, Brunt and thrown to the Lions to be eaten But they all faced Death singing Hymns. So are these Early Christians More courageous than Jesus? Definitely Not!!!. So Why did Jesus prayed 3 hours at Gethsemane sweating Blood saying “Father Take This Cup away! Is there No other Way?” This Means that what was in that Cup must be greater than beating, suffering and Death!!! 

I perceive God the Father took all the Sins of Humanity, those that are alive and those that are yet to be Born and squeezed it like Orange juice into a Cup and Pointed it to Jesus to Drink. And Jesus knew that once He drinks from the Cup, His fellowship with the Father that He has enjoyed from Eternity will be broken because The Father cannot behold Sin. 

But Jesus thought about Me. He Loves Me so much that He was willing to give up His fellowship with the Father for My Sake. He who knew No sin became Sin for Me so that I can become the righteousness of God. 
On the Cross, there was darkness all over the Earth for 3 hours because the Father Turned His Face away from Jesus. He could not call God His Father because He was carrying the burden of My Sin. He cried ” My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”. But the Father did not respond because at that time His relationship with the Father was broken because of My Sins!!! 
Finally, after He has faced Hell and the Judgment of God for My Sins. He Looked at me and said “It is Finished!!!” All My Sins, guilt, shame, fears and pains has been paid for!!! Then His relationship was restored, and He was able to say “Father into your Hands I commit My Spirit” 
Oh, How wonderful the Story of my salvation. I will proclaim it till My Dying Day. What can I give back to you oh Lord for what You did for me at Calvary? Will putting a few money into the offering box be enough? Will dancing and singing in the choir be OK? Absolutely Nothing!!! This is My Life, My intelligence, energies and passion., I give it to you oh Lord!! This is a great view we must never forget till our dying day. The Day the story of the cross becomes history to us, it is a make of a backsliding soul. The Cross must always be fresh to us. And the only way to do that is to always seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit. 
So this is my Conclusion, “I will never forget the Cup that the Father prepared for Christ to Sin. I will never forget how my Sins were poured into a Cup for Jesus to drink. It cost God everything just to have Me, I will not be an ingrate by fooling around with Sin. 
This is the #Number 27 Truth that I have Learnt in 28 years. May the Lord give us Grace to always remember that the Father’s Cup that Jesus was made to drink because of our Sins(Amen).


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