Day 223 – The World and Church Rejection of Christ!!! 

The World and Church rejection of Christ!!! 
He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God……. John 1:10-13 
In our previous Study, we considered John the Baptist who was a faithful witness of Jesus Christ. We saw how He was a Man sent from God and how he bear witness of the Light. Today we shall consider the world rejection of Christ and how to become children of God. 
He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him: The greatest honour that ever was put upon this world, which is so mean and inconsiderable a part of the universe, was that the Son of God was once in the world. But the sad thing was that when He came to the world He has created, they did not know Him. The World did not recognize Him. They did not know Him because He did not come with pomp and show. He came as a very simple person. The World is used to recognising people who are born in High families or very highly qualified in literature or Science or someone who is very rich. But Jesus did not have any of these qualifications. He came in a very ordinary family, with very ordinary education and poverty. He was showing the world by His life that these were not the important things. It was life from God which was the important thing. But the World did not value that life and so could not recognize the purity and the Love and Humility that placed Jesus above all the Human being that has ever lived on the earth. If the world had value the Life of God, Everyone in the world would have seen Jesus as millions and millions of mile ahead of the next human being. But because the world values Money, positions, family background, titles education and so many things like this, they just considered Jesus is a very ordinary Person. 

It is the same today. The world values all these other things which have no value in God’s Kingdom. And this is why True Men of God are not appreciated because Love, Humility and purity are not Valued as they should be. The calling of the Church is to show again to the world that life of Jesus which is not seen in Great pomp, popularity and wealth but in Humility and purity. It is our calling to show the world around us that one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses. It is a very sad thing that the Church has degenerated to the point that Humility, purity and love is not appreciates. The Church now places more emphasis on wealth and dress and knowledge. The Church will give the best child who comes first in Sunday school classes because He is intelligent but will not recognize that poor Humble child who comes to church early and sits quietly all because He is not as smart as the others. We are making the same mistake if we begin to value and evaluate people base on the standard of the world. Jesus has come with a Life that the world does not value. If the world appreciates You and value you, I want you to check carefully with an honest opinion if it is something that Heaven Values. Many Preachers have gone astray in this respect because they are now preaching what the world values all in the name of Jesus. They now preach prosperity and fame and greatness which is something the World values. I am sure that if Jesus should come again into our midst, many Preachers would not receive Him. Let us therefore look at what Heaven values lest we go astray in our judgment. 
He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. : This is something more sad than the first case. We can understand that most people in the world does not have the understanding of the true God but this is something more serious. He came to His own which are the Jewish people who had revelation of God from the days of Abraham. They had the Scriptures from Genesis to Malachi. But yet, Those who are His own did not receive Him. In fact they got rid of Him, they Crucified Him. It was not the Roman Soldiers who wanted to crucify Jesus, it was the Jewish people. It was not Pilate, in fact Pilate wanted to release Jesus but it was the High priests and elders who wanted to kill Jesus. It is religious people who have always been the greatest persecutors of the True Disciples of Jesus. It is religious people who carry the Bible around that speaks more evil about the Disciples of Jesus than anyone else. It is those who go to church and claim to be Born again that seek to put away the True Disciples of Jesus. This is because the Disciples of the Lord exposes the Sins of others with their lives and behavior. They live in such a way that others see their hypocrisy. And those who are not ready to admit the Truth get offended. Are you like this? Do you get irritated because someone else has decided to take a stand for the Lord? Are you angry because someone else has decided not to compromise His Christian beliefs? Are you pissed off because that man or woman has decided not to lie? If you are, then you are walking in the footsteps of those who Crucified Jesus. Repeat therefore lest you end the way they ended. 
But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: Even though the world did not know Him, even if His own did not receive Him, Yet there are Many who have become the Children of God. The fact that others rejected the Gospel does not mean that many others would not receive it. If you fail to respond to the wonderful love of God, God is far able to raise up stones to Worship Him. So How do we become Children of God? It is so clear in this verse. It is not based on our good works, or how much we have done or accomplished. It is based on receiving Him who is the light. It is opening our being to Him who is the light of all Men. It is opening ourselves to the Life of God and saying, “Lord, I want this Life, I want you Lord, I want Your life to come into Me and drive out the darkness of Sin and worldliness and evil that I have inherited in my Flesh from Adam”. By receiving Jesus Christ, I don’t mean by saying original words with your Lips like, “Lord Jesus come into My Life”. It means more than that. There are lots of people who have said that with their lips and Yet have not received Him. We don’t get saved by repeating a formula. It is by opening our whole being to receive Jesus Christ into the darkness of our lives. Many people don’t want that darkness to the driven out. Many people still want to retain a dark part in their lives so they find it hard to receive Jesus. Light and darkness cannot stay together, one must go for the other. I cannot imagine Jesus and Satan living in the same body and fighting for boundary. It is ridiculous!!! 

But to those who receive Him, He gave the rights to be children of God. What a great privilege this is. And if anyone of you don’t have that experience, this is the time to open your hearts and say, “Lord I want to receive You, I want to be a Child of God. Come and drive away the darkness of Sin from my life.” 

Notice also, that to believe in Christ is to receive Him. It is more than intellectual believe. It has to be a faith that produces works of obedience. Concerning believe, James 2:19 says, ” You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!”. So to believe in Jesus is more than just believing that He is God, He came to Die for our Sins, and that He lived a good life, that by trusting Him we can go to heaven and other things like that”. It is not just that head knowledge because the Devil believes all these things too but He is not saved. The clearest proof that intellectual faith in all the facts of the Gospel does not save a Man is the Devil Himself. There is no Salvation through intellectual believe. Even if all the facts we believe are true. Notice also, to believe in His name means a Lot. His name is Jesus, and we are told in Matthew 1:21 that, ” You shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.” To believe in His name is to believe that He can save you from Your Sins. It is to desire to be saved from Your Sins. This is the meaning of believing in the name of Jesus. It is to believe in the name of one who has come to save us from our Sins. 
Who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God: Becoming a Child of God is a birth. It is what Jesus calls being, “Born again”. This birth is not a result of Blood relationship. You cannot become a child of God because your Father or Mother is a Child of God. This birth has nothing to do with blood connection. Your father or mother may be a very Godly Man or woman but it makes no difference. Your blood relationship gives you no preference in God’s Kingdom. Each person has to receive Christ Himself. Yet today, there are lots of people who says they are Christians only because their parents were Christians. But this verse makes it clear that you cannot become a Child of God like that. You have to make a personal choice. 

The second thing we are told is that this birth is not by a will of the Flesh. The will of the Flesh is your own self will and your own determination. You cannot determine to become a child of God and become a child of God. Your self determination will never make you a child of God. It is not a matter of controlling the body, our thought and Fasting and giving up marriage and our job that makes us children of God. It is not even a question of avoiding certain Sins. It is a question of receiving Christ. 

Thirdly, it is not as a result of the will of another Man making you a child of God. For example an Holy man coming to lay hands on you. This is not going to make you Holy or become a Child of God either. It’s not a result of someone saying you are born again or even baptizing you or putting your name in the Church membership register. No human being, whatever He may do can make you a child of God. You have to receive Christ personally. These three ways you cannot become a child of God are very important because there are many people who think today that they are going to become a child of God like these. 
. To become a child of God, God has to give you a Birth supernaturally. It must be done in a similar way as the body of Jesus was supernaturally created in the womb of Mary without a Human Father. The Holy Spirit came upon Mary. It does not mean there was no cooperation on the part of Mary. She said, ” Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word(Luke 1:38)”. She submitted to the Holy Spirit. For God to make us a Child of God, we have to submit to the workings of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit and for us to become born again, we must also be Born of the Holy Spirit. This is the Birth we all need. Without this birth, we are not children of God!!! 
Dear Friend, All that is highly esteemed among men is an abomination before God. Be careful what the world values about you. For the world does not values the Life of God. Believe in Name and desire to be saved from Sin. Receive Him and Obey His Commandments for they are all for our good. May the Lord give us Grace to open our whole being to the Life of God (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus. 


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