Special Announcement!!! 

#Special Announcement!!! 
We want to use this opportunity to say a big thank You to ALL those who have followed this Daily Devotional for the Last 146 days in this Year. Special thanks to all those who have given up their Facebook Walls as a Medium for others to see. We are also grateful to all our Whatsapp readers and those who have shared it in other groups. We also appreciate those who have followed us on jesuseveyday.wordpress.com.
Having Come to the End of Matthew’s Gospel. We shall continue with the Gospel of Mark and Luke but We shall Skip Events and teachings that has been Fully Covered in the Gospel of Matthew. The reason for this is so that we may have sufficient days (By Estimation 150 days) on the Gospel of John. The Gospel of John will be taking Verse By Verse Just Like we Did in Matthew. 
May the Lord Continue to Transform Us Daily as we behold His Glory and beauty in the Scriptures. May He give us Grace to apply and obey ALL that we have Learnt and All that we will learn in the remaining Days of this Year. 
Please always Remember, “To whom More is given, More is required”. The fact that You have been reading these Devotionals Makes You more accountable and More will be required of You. Let us therefore seek to be Doers of the Word and not mere hearers and Readers. 
Thank You and God bless You.


                                      Yours Sincerely, 

                                    Oginnism Vickky

                                     Odetoki Daniel

                                      Obasi Daniels

                        Peter Agbo Chucks

                Chidera Stephanie Nwosu 

                  Ijaleye Esther Oluwaseyi


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