Day 065 – The Healing of the Mute Man and the Compassion of Jesus!!! 

Healing of the Mute Man and the Compassion of Jesus!!! 
As they went out, behold, they brought to Him a man, mute and demon-possessed. And when the demon was cast out, the mute spoke. And the multitudes marveled, saying, “It was never seen like this in Israel!” But the Pharisees said, “He casts out demons by the ruler of the demons.” Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people. But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”….. Matthew 9:32-38 
In our previous Study, We see Jesus opening the eye of two blind men according to the faith they had. Here we see Jesus casting out a Demon from a Mute Man and how He had compassion on the Multitude because they were weary. Let us therefore consider the Circumstance : 
They brought to Him a Man Mute and Demon-possessed. And when the Demon was cast out, the Mute spoke : Here we see this amazing fact that a Demon can cause a Man to be dumb. In other words, there was nothing wrong with the vocal cord of this Man but there was a Demon that found entrance into Him that made him dumb. When the Devil get possession of a Soul, it is to make it dumb to every good thing. The Devil and Sin seeks to silent a man from singing Praise and making prayers to God. Let us therefore be continuously filled with the Holy Spirit lest give a space to the Devil in our hearts. For the Devil looks for Empty Hearts to occupy(Matthew 12:43-45). If Demons can make a Man dumb over 2000 years ago, then Demons can still do that today. Jesus had discernment to recognize that this dumbness was caused by a Demon. We can not imitate Jesus in this area because not All dumb persons has a Demon. Most Dumbness are caused by physical defect. So Jesus did not live by a rule book saying “All Dumb person has a Demon” He lived by the leading of the Holy Spirit in individual case. He was so sensitive to the Holy Spirit that He knew what the problem was in each case. There are many Preachers who has caused confusion because they assume that All Dumbness must be caused by Demons. And they prayed and prayed and nothing seems to Happen. Let us therefore seek for the gift of discernment so that we may know how to address each case set before us. When the Demon was cast out, the Dumb man spoke. So it is with any soul who comes in contact with Jesus. He always open the Lips of those whom the Devil has sealed with Sins. He has come to put songs of praise in our mouth. Let us therefore open our mouth wide, and the Lord will fill it up. 
And the Multitude marveled, saying, “It was never seen like this in Israel!”:Everything written and seen about Jesus is worthy of admiration. Though the Multitude marveled, Yet only few believed Him. Though they marveled at His wondrous works, Yet they shouted” Crucify Him! Crucify Him!!!” at His Death. The Multitude recognized that Jesus came with a power that is greater than what other Prophets came with, but the sad thing is that today’s Christianity have not seen that!!! They are yet to understand the better life and promises those who follow Jesus can come to. They seems to prefer the Land of Canaan(Earthly riches), than the Glory and Riches that are reserved for us in Heaven. Let us therefore open the eyes of our Heart to things offered to us in the New Covenant which has never been seen before lest we come short of it. 
But the Pharisees said, “He casts out Demons by the ruler of the Demons” : Here we see the expression of the Jealousy of the Pharisees. They could not cast out the Demon themselves, and when they saw someone casting out demons, they said, “That must be by the Ruler of Demons”. They claimed Jesus was inspired by the Devil. It is amazing how we can be jealous of a ministry or a gift that we don’t have. It is far better in such cases to be silent. It is easy to criticize but it is difficult to do something rightly. If we feel that some other Christian or some other person is doing something in a wrong way, what should we do? To criticize it would be to be like the Pharisees. There is a saying that goes thus “It is better to lite a Candle than to curse the Darkness”. In other words, if you feel that someone is using a particular gift in a wrong way, instead of criticizing it, demonstrate in your own Life or in your own church the right way to do it. That would be a Light but to criticize is to curse the Darkness. The only one who has the right to expose what is wrong is the one who is doing it in the right way Himself. For Example, it is very easy to criticize how a person is building a Church(Not a Building but a group of people who are the body of Christ). The only person who has the right to do that is a person who has built a Fellowship which is the body of Christ. If You feel any gifts is being used in a wrong way, then you must be able to demonstrate the right way to use it in your church or Fellowship. If we will only follow this rule, then we will save ourselves from all foolish criticism and cursing of the darkness. Remember this, “It is better to Light a Lamp than to curse the Darkness” 
Then Jesus went about All the cities and villages, teaching in their Synagogue, Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and Healing every Sickness and diseases : Here we see a brief summary description of Jesus Ministry. It is interesting to note that Jesus went to both cities and villagers Himself unlike many Preachers today who will only visit the City but send their delegates to Villages. They will only Go to the place where they know that they could get huge gift. Jesus had an excellent Healing ministry that there was no kind of diseases He could not Heal. He Healed Every kind of Diseases. And it is important to note that He did not do all this as God but as a Man anointed with the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. The reason why Jesus Ministry was so vast and perfect was that Jesus walk with the Father was so perfect. The imperfect expression of Miracles and ministry today is because of the imperfect walk with God by those who are exercising those gifts. Jesus demonstrated a perfect ministry because there was a perfect walk with The Father in His secret Life. Notice the things Jesus did in every city and every village, He taught things that would lead people into a Life, He proclaimed the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven which is the Gospel of Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit(Romans 14:17), and Healing. Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday, today and forever. 
And seeing the Multitude, He was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered Like Sheep having no Shepherd: It is interesting that when Jesus saw the Multitude, the thing that stirred His emotions was not their physical needs or material needs but their spiritual need. This is because Jesus was a spiritual man. Whenever  Spiritual men Looks at others, what they see first is their spiritual need. But carnal men are concerned about their physical and material need alone. Jesus was also concerned about their physical needs, He provided bread for them but above all, He was concerned for their spiritual needs primarily because He knew that any satisfaction of their physical need will only be temporal in this Earth but their spiritual benefits is what will last forever. Let us therefore be careful of the Preachers we listen to, always ask yourself “Is this Preacher more interested in my physical needs or my spiritual need?” If all His Teachings and preaching is centered on Your physical needs, You can be sure such a Preacher is Carnal and not Spiritual. And I can guarantee You 100%, that If You continue With Him, You will also end up as a carnal Believer, for we become Like our Teacher. Whether You know it or not, we become Like those who teaches Us. Jesus looks with Pity on weary souls who are tired of their defeated condition. He is moved with compassion on souls who are sick and tired of their constant Failures. But it is a sad thing that they have no shepherd. No one really cares about their weariness. Shame on Leaders who have no concern for the souls that the Lord has committed to them. Shame on those who instead of leading the sheep to a life of green pasture, are only interested in the Meat they could get from the sheep. 
The Harvest truly is plentiful, but the Labourers are Few: There are plenty of souls who are really Longing for a Glorious Christian Life but there are Few Leaders who are True Shepherd. Jesus is not talking here about Evangelist. He was talking about Shepherds, which are the people who could feed the flock, those who will lead the flock and care for their growth. The Evangelist may have been Many, but the Shepherds are Few. This is what is Lacking in Today’s Christianity. There is a Great need of True Shepherds who will lay down their lives for the Sheep. What shall we do then? Should we run out and become Shepherds ourselves? 
Therefore, pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out Labourers into His Harvest: You may probably have heard Preachers saying, “The Harvest is plentiful and the Labourers are Few, so go out Yourself, give up Your Jobs and serve the Lord and win souls for Christ” But Jesus never said that!!! He said, “When You see that the Harvest is plentiful and the Labourers are Few, You must pray that the Lord will send out workers into the Harvest!!” Only the Lord has the right to send a Man into the harvest. You cannot volunteer to serve the Lord, the Lord has to call you. If He does not call and send You, and You go out, that is disobedience and You will be creating a Lot of confusion for Yourself and others. Let us therefore pray that the Lord will find us worthy to be sent into His Harvest. 
Dear Friend, The Lord is willing and able to put His words in your mouth if You will acknowledge that you have been made dumb by Sins. Don’t curse the Darkness, instead Light up the Lamp. The Lord is Looking upon You if you are weary and tired of Your defeated Christian experience but He needs You to Pray that He sends out Labourers into the Harvest. May God gives us the Grace to say to Him, “Here we are, Oh Lord, Send Us!!” (Amen). God bless You. Have a blessed day. 
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