Day 056 – The Revival in Peter’s House!!! 

The Revival in Peter’s House!!! 
Now when Jesus had come into Peter’s house, He saw his wife’s mother lying sick with a fever. So He touched her hand, and the fever left her. And she arose and served them. When evening had come, they brought to Him many that were demon-possessed. And He cast out the Spirits with a word, and Healed all who were sick, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying “He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sickness” And when Jesus saw great Multitudes about Him, He gave a command to depart to the other side…….. Matthew 8:14-18 
It is important to remind ourselves that the power Jesus exercise on Earth was not as God but as a Man. Jesus had emptied Himself of the Power He has as God so that He can become an Example for Us to Follow. All the Miracles He did was as a Man anointed with the Power of the Holy Spirit. Here we read of the Healing of Peter’s Mother-in-law and the effect of the Healing. 
When Jesus had come into Peter’s House: It is interesting to note that Peter had a House but the Jesus had no place to Lay His head(Matt 8:20). Indeed He became poor that we might be made rich. 
He saw Peter’s wife’s mother lying sick with a fever: From Here, we see that Peter was a married Man. There are people who teach that Apostles cannot be married. This is an unscriptural teaching and in fact it is a Doctrine of Demons that forbid people not to Marry(1 Timothy 4:1-3). Virtually All the Apostles had a wife(1 Corinthians 9:5). If the Lord has not called you to a Single Life, there is no Sin in getting Married. For it is better to Marry than to burn with passion(1 Corinthians 7:9). Marriage does not hinder a Man from being an Apostle or from being part of the Bride of Christ. Marriage does not stop you from living an Holy Life or from being a whole-hearted Disciple of Jesus Christ. It is also good to note that Peter’s mother-in-law was Living with them in the same House. We are to have a concern for our in-laws/relatives. We are to Love them and accommodate them when they come around. This woman was probably old and unable to provide for herself. We as Disciples of Jesus should therefore Learn from Peter on How to accommodate our relatives. We are not to be like the people of the world who are so selfish and will never allow relatives to stay with them. Also note, Peter’s Mother-in-law was sick with a Fever. At times those whom the Lord Loves fall sick just like Lazarus(John 11:3). Paul had a thorn in the Flesh(2 Corinthians 12:7-9), Timothy had frequent stomach infirmities(1 Timothy 5:23). Sicknesses does not come from God, for All good and perfect gifts comes from God(James 1:17),but at times God permits it for our sanctification and His Glory. God thinks more of our eternal good than our Earthly comfort and if he sees that there is no other way to get sanctification done, He permits sickness. In the case of Paul, to prevent Him from becoming Proud of his revelations, a thorn in the Flesh was permitted. Indeed All things works together for good for they that Love God. So when we are sick, our first prayer should be “Lord is this for my sanctification? If it is the last option You have having tried other ways but I have refused to yield to it, then let me remain on this sick bed till I am sanctified” 

Jesus saw Her, that she was sick: The Lord is sensitive to the needs of those who have invited Him to their home. Those who have shown Hospitality to the the Disciples of the Lord, the Lord will also Look upon them with compassion. Let us therefore learn from the Household of Peter. 
She arose and Served them: Having been touched by Jesus, having been healed by the kindness of the Lord, she arose and served Him. This is a beautiful picture of the reason why the Lord heals us. Those whom the Lord has healed should become His Servant all the days of their lives. When we pray for healing, we need to ask ourselves ” Why do I need healing?, is it to Live for myself? Is it to have strength to pursue money and women? Is it to do more of my will and ambition? Or is it in order to Wait upon God and serve Him?” If to serve the Lord is the reason for praying for healing, then our motive is good. Healing will come more quickly for those who are seeking to serve the Lord with their strength.  Let us therefore check the motive behind our prayers for Healing and strength.
When Evening came, they brought to Him those who are demon possessed: As a result of the News that Peter’s mother-in-law has been healed, others with sickness and infirmities were brought to Him. I perceived that they were saying in their Heart “If Jesus can heal Peter’s mother-in-law’s fever, what about Mine”. The testimonies we hear of the goodness and kindness of God should awaken us to seek after Him. One issue I would like to raise here is “Can a Born again Christian be Demon possessed?” we read of many demon possessed people in the old testament coming to the synagogue to listen to teachings on the Sabbath day(Luke 4:31-35). People who are Living in the old Covenant are easily possessed by Demons. You will never find in the New testament a Born again, New Covenant Believer being possessed by a Demon. It is Impossible!!! Unless such a Believer has backslided and lost his salvation. It is impossible for a Born again Believer who is taking up his cross daily and waking in the footsteps of Jesus in all Humility to be possessed by Demons for Greater is HE that is in Him than He that his in the world(1 John 4:4). There is no demon that has not been defeated at Calvary!!! So we see that Jesus cast out Demons by the Word, He never laid hands on a Demon possessed person. He casted the Demons out by a Word. Just one Word!!! If we have to argue and shout repeatedly before we cast out a Demon, then we should cover our eyes in shame and go back to our closest to fast more and pray. For as Jesus is, so we are in this world(1 John 4:17). And All this was to fulfill what was written about Him in the Scriptures. There is no partiality with God the Father, if He had a plan for Jesus life and All that Jesus did, how about us? If we are interested in knowing the will of God for our lives in Everything thing, the Lord will lead us right.

When He saw the Multitude, He departed to the other side: In the midst of this great revival happening in Peter’s Compound, He decided to depart to another place. Where the multitude were all around Him, He decided to Move to another place. Here we see Jesus attitude to the Multitude. He is not interested in the Multitude but in making Disciples. Whenever He sees the Multitude, He always say things that will reduce them to Disciples. (Matthew 5:1, Luke 14:25). Another reason could be He decided to go to other places to become a blessing to them also lest those in Peter area monopolize His blessings. But let us press forward and come out of the Multitude to become Disciples. Let us be ready in our Hearts to Follow Jesus everywhere He goes. May the Lord grant us Grace to run after Him even though He departs from Us(Amen). 
Dear Friend, those who invites and welcome Jesus into their homes never lack good things. All the strength and health you have received from the Lord, is it to wait upon God and serve Him? Say to the Lord “I will Run after You, when you depart from the Multitude. I bid my family and friends goodbye to be where you are, Draw me oh Lord, and I will chase after You”. God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus.

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