Day  051 – The False Prophets!!! 

The False Prophets!!! 
Beware of False Prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good Tree bears Good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad Tree bear good fruit. Every Tree that does not bear good fruit is Cut down and thrown into the Fire. Therefore, by their fruits you shall know them…. Matthew 7:15-20 
In our previous studies we see Jesus speaking about the Narrow Gate and the difficult way that Leads to Life and the Wide Gate and the Broad way that Leads to Destruction. He also warned us to be careful about False Prophets who have widen the Narrow Way so that those who do not want to give up their sinful habits and Love of Money can also come in. In these verses, He gives us clue on how to identify false Prophets.
Beware of False Prophets who comes to You in Sheep’s clothing: Basically, there are two types of False Prophets. We have the ones that go around saying what is obviously an error. Like those who are saying Jesus never resurrected, That Jesus was not born by a Virgin and so on. The second type of False Prophets are the ones who Say the Truth but mixed with error. They do not proclaim the Whole truth. They serve a glass of Milk with few drops of poison. Such Prophets are more Dangerous than the first set. We can easily see the error of the First set of False Prophets but the second set who speak half of the Truth are more Dangerous because it is not so obvious. So Jesus says “Beware of False Prophets who comes to you in Sheep’s clothing”. The Sheep’s clothing means the Right Doctrines. These kinds of Prophets have the correct pattern of service. They preach from the Bible, they preach that Jesus is the Messiah, they are perfect in explaining the Doctrines of the Holy Spirit. Their external appearance profess Godliness. It is easy to reject a Prophet that comes in wolves clothing because we know for sure that what they proclaimed is an Error. But it becomes difficult to reject a Prophet who comes with the Bible, Correct Doctrines, pray in Jesus name. Yet Jesus says we should be careful of Prophets that comes in this kind of correct Doctrines. False Prophets cannot be detected by their Doctrines, Dressing or words. Beyond All these. 
Inwardly, they are ravenous wolves : What is a wolf looking for in the midst of Sheep? It is to tear and devour. It is to Look for something to bite upon. Be careful of a Preacher who comes to You who is eager to get what you have. It could be your money, your gifts or simply to Lord it over you. We have come to the last days where the Lord says Many false Prophets will arise preaching Jesus but only to deceive and get what you have (Matt 24:5). Be careful of Prophets whose Sermon will always end with an Exhortation to Sow a Seed of Money!!! They are Ravenous wolves!!! They are not interested in Your Sanctification. What they want is Your Money!!! Some will even quote the Bible to support their covetousness saying “If we have blessed You Spiritually, is it too much to get Material things from You?” Sin is very deceptive, it even uses the Laws of God to justify itself. But You Beware of them!!! For Satan Himself transforms Himself to an Angel of Light just to deceive people(2 Corinthians 11:13-14). When You listen to a Man who preaches to You, Always ask Yourself “What is this Man interested in? Is it My Money? Is it My Service? Is it my Honour? Or is it the Sanctification of My Soul?” If we put this test before us, we can be saved from deception from a False Prophet who comes with the Bible and correct Doctrines. 
You shall Know them by their Fruits: Majority of people thinks that because a Man has spiritual gift, then He is a Man of God. Far from it!!! It is by the Fruits that we can identify if a Prophet is a True or False Prophet. Jesus says we  know them by the Fruits of their lives not by their Doctrines, eloquence or their spiritual gifts. Look at the what they speak about. Look at what they are Aiming at in their sermons. Look at their attitude to money. Look at their Family Life. Look at how they have brought up their Children. Look at their Fruits and not their Gifts!!! Despite the Fact that Jesus warns us not to Look at the Gifts, Majority of Believers are yet to learn. Who would you consider as a Man of God between these two Prophets ” One that has Humility, Gentleness, Long suffering, Love, self control but No Ability to Heal the Sick and work Miracles and A Man that Can Heal the Sick, work Miracles, give sights to the Blinds and raise the dead but has no Humility, self control and Gentleness” Remember, You shall know them by their Fruits not their Gifts!!! 
Do Men gather grapes from thornbushes? Impossible!!! If you see a Mango fruits on a pawpaw tree, you can be sure that someone must have hanged it there in order to deceive you. You can not gather a teaching that leads to Godliness from False Prophets. All their exposition and interpretation of the Scriptures is not to lead you to perfection. The Bible says All Scriptures is Profitable for Doctrines, for reproof, for correction and instruction in Righteousness so that people can be thoroughly equipped for good works(2 Timothy 3:16-17). Any Preacher whose interpretation of the Scriptures does not lead to a Doctrine that conform with Godliness, whose interpretation does not reproof and correct Your sinful habits, and whose interpretation does not instruct on How to live a Godly Life, such a Preacher is a False Prophets!!! I don’t care what else He preaches. If it does not challenge me to Follow Jesus and walk as He Walked in All purity and Humility, then I am not interested in such a Man!!! And occasionally, Such False Prophets will hang grapes on their thornbushes just to deceive You that they teach Righteousness. Once in a while, they will jokingly talk about Repentance but if you’ve got discernment, you will know they don’t really mean it. It is just to deceive You!!! Beware of False Prophets! 
One thing I discovered about Jesus is that He never gives up on even the False Prophets. He still desire that they bring forth good fruits so that they are not cut down and thrown into the Fire. How can a bad Tree therefore bear good fruits? It is simply by making the Tree good(Matt 12:33). The problem is with the Tree. If the Tree is good, then the Fruits will be good. It is as the Nature of that tree changes from bad to good that the fruits also changes. There are many people who are imitating the Life of Christ. Jesus has not called us to imitate Him, rather, He has called us to partake of His Divine nature (2 Peter 1:4). Imitating The Characters of Jesus is Like hanging good fruits on a bad tree. Imitation of Christ is Like a Pig trying to behave Like a Man. Partaking of the Divine Nature is Like the Life of Man entering a Pig. Automatically, the Pig starts behaving like a Man and stop acting like a pig in all areas. So make the Tree good and the fruits will be good. Let Jesus lay the axe at the root of the bad tree of your life so that another Life and nature can come in. But if you will still not respond to the Loving Hope of Jesus, then You will be cut down and thrown into the Fire. May none of us remain adamant and hardened to the point where Jesus says “Cut Him down and let Him or Her be thrown into the Fire” (Amen). 
Dear Friend, we are in the last days that Jesus and all the Apostles told us about. We have come to the days where many false Prophets will arise. They would come to you with the Bible in their hands and the name of Jesus their mouths. They will do many signs and wonders in Jesus name. Be careful!!! You shall know them by their fruits. They will widen the Narrow Gate and make the difficult way a place of entertainment. They will not preach things that lead people to a Godly lifestyle. All their interpretation of the Bible will make you see Godliness as a means of gain and making profit. They are never interested in your sanctification and the purity of your soul. They are wolves in the midst of sheep, looking for things to devour and get for themselves. Run away from such Preachers, for what they serve to You is a Glass of milk with drops of poison. If you continue with them, it would destroy you. Beware of False Prophets!!!. May the Lord give us discernment to recognize the wolves that comes to us in sheep’s clothing. (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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