Day – 050 The Narrow Gate and the Narrow Way!!! 

The Narrow Gate and the Narrow Way!!! 
Enter by the Narrow Gate, for Wide is the Gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are Many who go in by it. Because Narrow is the gate and difficult is the Way which leads to Life, and there are Few who find it. Beware of False Prophets!!!….. Matthew 7: 13-15 
We have now come to the Concluding verses of what is popularly known as the sermon on the Mount. Basically, we can describe All that Jesus taught on the Mount into Two Ways of Life. The Right Way and the Wrong way. The Right way of Living includes: Being Poor in Spirit, Mourning for Sins, Being Meek and gentle, Hunger and thirst after Righteousness, Being Merciful, Having a Pure Heart, Rejoicing in times of Persecution, maintaining our taste as the Salt of the Earth and Shining our Light before Men for the Glory of God. The Wrong way of Life includes: Getting Angry, Lusting with our Hearts, Lying and swearing, selectiveness in Love and hating our enemies, doing religious activities with the aim of getting Honour, laying Treasures in Earth, Loving Money, Getting Anxious and Having a Judgemental attitude towards others. This two ways of Life will either Lead us to the Narrow Gate or the Broad Gate. This Two ways of Life will either lead us to Life or Destruction. Whether We know it or not, we are walking in either of these ways. There is no middle way. It is either in the Narrow Way or the Broad Way. Let us therefore Sit and Listen to what Jesus has to say to Us. 
Enter By the Narrow Gate: Before Jesus described what we are to expect along the two gates, He advised us to Enter through the Narrow Gate. In Luke 13:24, He says “strive to enter through the Narrow Gate, for Many I say will seek to enter and will not be able” The right type of Life Jesus described in the Sermon on the Mount can only be attained by going through the Narrow Gate. Strive to Enter it!!! Many will want to Enter it but will not be able because they are not willing to pay the price. Many will desire to have this Kind of Life of Jesus but will be unable to Enter because they are not willing to give up some things in their Lives. You can not go through the Narrow Gate unless You are willing to have a new heart and a New Spirit. All old things in your life must pass away. All old habits must be dropped at the Narrow Gate.  All high thoughts about ourselves must be dropped, we must be converted to a Little Child no matter how old we are, we must deny ourselves and put off the old man and his desires. All that we possess must be forsaken. Indeed, it is a Narrow Gate!!! Jesus says the size of the gate is as small as a needle eye(Matt 19:24). The needle eye is that small hole on a needle where the tread passes through. Indeed it is a narrow Gate!!! Everything must be dropped. The Love of Money must be dropped!!! 
The Narrow Gate leads to a Difficult Way: There are many who claimed that they have Entered through the Narrow Gate. They Claimed to have accepted Jesus as their Lord and personal Saviour, for He is the Door( John 10:9). But whatever Gate or Door we enter that does not lead us to a Narrow and difficult way is a deception. I repeat “Whatever Salvation You receive that does not lead you to walk the Narrow and difficult way that Leads to Life is a False Salvation” The Narrow Gate must Lead us to travel a Narrow Way. The moment You become Born again, You are not yet in Heaven. The Children of Israel did not Enter Canaan immediately they Left Egypt and cross the red sea. They still traveled and walked through the Wilderness journey. If the Gate we enter does not lead us to Deny ourselves Daily(Luke 9:23), does not lead us to discipline our body like Paul did(1 Corinthians 9:27), does not help us to resist Daily Temptations, does not make us walk with care and worthy of Christ, then it is a Deception!!! The bodies we carry about with

us, and the corruption remaining in us, makes the Narrow Way difficult; but, as we grow in faith and understanding, the Narrow and Difficult Way becomes Pleasant to us because we will discover that our Light affliction is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory(2 Corinthians 4:17). All the difficulty we go through along this Narrow Way is not worthy to be compared with the Glory which shall be revealed in us at the end of the Way(Romans 8:18). If we walk and continue in this way, it would lead us to the Life and Nature of God. It would lead us to the very Life of Jesus Himself. The Life of Jesus is the only thing worth calling a Life. For in Him was Life, and that Life was the Light of Men(John 1:4). Let us therefore check if the gate we have entered is Leading us in the Narrow and Difficult path. 
Only Few will Find this Way: The reason why it is only few that finds this Narrow and Difficult way that leads to Life is because Only Few SEEK and STRIVE for it. We must take this seriously because most Christians that we see around us are not seeking and Striving for the Right Life Jesus described in the Sermon on the Mount. How many Christians do you see who takes Anger, dirty thoughts and Lusting seriously? How many have you seen who loves their enemies and bless those who curse them? How many have you seen who seek no Honour in their religious activities? How many have you seen who Hate Money? “Only few will find it” says the Lord. If you don’t seek after it and strive to enter into it, I can guarantee You, You will never partake of the Nature and character of Christ. Seek and You shall Find!!!
Broad is the Way that Leads to Destruction: Because the Gate to Life is Narrow and the Way that leads to Life is difficult, Many turned away from it. Because the Way that leads to Life requires Discipline and Self denial of one’s Will, Many Turned away from it. The Way that leads to Destruction is so Wide and Broad. It can accommodate anything. There is Abundance of liberty and freedom on that Way, You can go in with all your Lust, passion, and Love of Money. You can walk around according to the desires of your Heart and do whatever seems right in your sight along this way. The way is so wide that it accommodate Sin. Oh many are those who Go in through this Gate and Walk along this Way!!! There is Abundance of company and friends along this path. The way is filled with merriment and entertainment. You will never be lonely along this path. But the End is Destruction!!! Jesus who knows the end from the Beginning says “The wide Gate and the Broad way leads to Destruction” Let us therefore fear, lest we follow the crowd in the Way of destruction. Let us fear lest because we could not give up our own Self Will, we Join the Multitude in their way to destruction. 
Beware of False Prophets: Oh How I wish people will take heed to this warning of Jesus. This is the first time, Jesus warns us against False Prophets. And it is in connection with the Narrow Way and the Broad Way. False Prophets are those who have widen the Narrow Way. False Prophets are those who have made the Narrow Way Narrower than Jesus made it. Beware of False Prophets!!! Beware of those who preach to you that Anger is not a serious Sin!! Beware of Those who who permit you to divorce your wife and get married to another. Beware of those who tell you to hate Your enemies and curse those who curse You. Beware of those who tell you to lay Treasures on Earth and run after Money. Beware of False Prophets!!! Beware of those who have made the Narrow Way more Narrower, they forbid you to get married to be more Holy, they give you all kind of rules, like don’t take drugs when you are sick, don’t cut your hair and many more rules like that!!! Beware of Preachers who don’t lead you to partake of the Nature of Christ, who don’t preach Discipleship and challenge you to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Be careful of Preachers who don’t take the least commandments of Jesus seriously!!! Beware of False Prophets. He who has ears, let Him hear. As Far as I am concern, Preachers who do not lead their congregation to partake of the Characters of Jesus described in the Sermon on the Mount are False Prophets. No matter how many people gathered before them, no matter how many churches they have built, All I know according to this verses is that they are False Prophets Leading Many through a Way that leads to Destruction. And Guess what, Many of these False Prophets don’t even know that they are False, because the Devil has so much blinded their eyes that they thought Godliness is a Means of Gain. Therefore, Beware of False Prophets!!! 
Dear Friend, Choose this Day which way You want to Go!!! Is it Through the Narrow Gate and the Difficult Way that Leads to Life or The Wide Gate and the Broad way that Leads to Destruction? I beg You with the mercies of God, “Enter by the Narrow Gate” Seek after the Difficult way that leads to Life. Only those who seek and strive after it will Enter, only those who are willing to give up all the cares of Life will be able to pass Through. Only Few Walk along this path. You may Look around You and find None walking in this Way. But press on along that Path. God has kept few people for Himself along this Path. Beware of False Prophets who do not preach and practice the pattern of Life described in the Sermon on the Mount. There are many people who follow these Preachers because they don’t tell people they have to give up their Sins and all they have to follow the Lord. But as for You, if it means standing alone, stand alone!!! If you are sincere God will join other few with You and He will accomplish His purpose through You. As for You my Friend, Beware of False Prophets and Seek, strive to Enter the Narrow Way. May the Lord give us Grace and boldness to say “No” to the False Prophets and Walk this Way in Jesus name(Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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