Day 049- Ask, Seek and Knock!!! 

Ask, Seek and Knock!!! 
Do not give what is Holy to the Dogs, nor cast your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them under their feet and turn and tear you in pieces. Ask and it will be given to You, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and He who seeks finds, and to Him who knocks, it will be opened. Or what man is there among You who, if His son asks for bread will give Him stone?… If You then being evil knows how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in Heaven give to those who ask Him!!! Therefore, whatever You want men to do to You, do also to them, for this is the Law and the prophet….. Matthew 7:6-12 
This verses begins the concluding statements of Jesus’ sermon on the Mount. Having taught about the Characters expected in the New Covenant. Having taught about those that are really blessed in the Beatitude. He also taught His Disciples about the wrong attitudes we are not to have such as Anger, Lust in the heart, lying, selectiveness in Love, doing good and religious activities for Honour, loving money, getting anxious and Judging others. He spoke about what we are to do to get this Christ-like characters.  But consider first:
Don’t give what is Holy to Dogs, nor cast your pearls before pigs: It is amazing to discover that Jesus who was known for gentleness and graciousness will refer to people as Dogs and pigs. In the previous Study, He said we are not to judge, but here He expects us to discern if a person is a Dog or a Pig. This is another case of judging with Righteousness judgment. Judging the Fruits we see in someone’s Life. So how do we discern if someone is a Dog or a Pig? When a Man is only interested in the things animals are interested in, then He is Like a Pig or a Dog. When a Man is interested only in the things of the Earth, then He is an animal. It is interesting to note that Man and the beast of the field were both created on the Sixth day of Creation(Genesis 1:24-31). So it is very easy for Man to descend to the Level of an animal. What are animals interested in? Food, rest, play, fighting for their rights and territories, Sex and taking care of their young ones. And when a Human being is only interested and Living for only these things, He or she is more like a Dog or a pig. You will never see a dog or pig interested in living a Holy life, reading the Bible, praying or keeping God’s commands. So when we find a person not interested in spiritual things, Jesus says “Don’t give Him or her the Holy things!!! Don’t cast your pearls before Him or Her!!!” Don’t waste your time trying to Preach a Life of Victory over Sin to someone who is not interested in having Victory. Don’t waste Your time Preaching the Characters of a True Disciple to someone whose interest is not to become a Disciple. Don’t waste Your time trying to explain the mystery of Humanity of Christ to people who have no interest in walking as Jesus walked. Don’t cast your pearls before pigs!!! For a pig does not know the value of pearls. 
So what should we do? Are we to stop preaching to them? Not at all. Before we cast the Holy things, we must first give them what will create spiritual interest in them. Our first aim is to make them aware of their spiritual needs. We must tell them that which will prepare their heart for the Holy things. If they don’t see their spiritual needs first, they will trample over all you have spoken to them. I remember the incident of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus first told her that the Water that the well gives to her will not satisfy her thirst and that He has another water that will quench all her thirst for Life (This is Making Her aware of her need). Then, the woman discovered Her need and asked for the water which gives Jesus the opportunity to Expose her Sins to Her that she was living an Adulterous Life and that He is the Messiah(John 4:7-26)(This is casting the pearls). So we see from Jesus pattern how He first brought the woman to a place where she discovered Her Spiritual need before giving Her that which will satisfy Her need. There is a Great need for us to discern what a person is interested in before we cast our peals before Him or Her. If not, they will trample over it and take us as an enemy. They will turn against you and see your pearls as an embarrassment or insult on their personality. Let us therefore ask God for wisdom and Spirit of discernment in casting our pearls lest we cast it before Dogs and pigs who instead of saying ‘Thank You’, Will turn and tear us in pieces!!! 
Ask and it shall be given to You: If we have no Longing in our hearts to have ALL the attitudes described in the Sermon on the Mount, then we qualify for the title of a Dog or a Pig. But if we become Interested in the Lifestyle of Jesus as described there, what are we to do? Are we going to get it through struggling or determination? Is it by New year resolution and disciplines? Not at all! It is simply by asking God for it. Asking God in prayer to empower you with the Holy Spirit to live according to the standards of the new testament. Seeking after these life like the merchant who was seeking for a precious pearls(Matt 13:45).  We must keep knocking until the door is opened unto us like the Man who went to his friend at midnight to beg for bread(Luke 11:5-13). We are not just to ask and sit down doing nothing about it. We are to ask and then seek using the means God has provided. Imagine you ask that God should should give you your daily bread but you just sit at home doing nothing, would you get it? We must seek after what we prayed for using the proper means!!! You want to know God but failed to study the Bible, I bet it with you, you will never know Him. So if we pray and fail to seek, we are only tempting God. For God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. And in our seeking, we must not give up, we must knock the door diligently until it is opened. Everyone who ask, seek and knock like these will definitely Find. Whether you are young, old man or woman, if you are diligent like this in Faith, You will definitely get good things that God has for you. 
Jesus picked an illustration using our Earthly Father as an example: The best Earthly Father is Evil when compared with God. But despite their Evil nature, they still give good gifts to their children!!! So how much more God who is our Heavenly Father, who is All good God? No Earthly Father would dare give His Child a stone instead of bread or a snake instead of fish. So let Us approach God in reverence and confidence that He will give us good things. Why we don’t receive what we ask for in prayer at times is because what we think is good thing is an Evil thing in God’s eyes. If your son mistakenly ask for a snake instead of a Fish, would you give it to Him? Definitely Not!!! Even an Evil Father will not do that. How much more God? God has denied us some things because He knows it is going to destroy us. So don’t be offended when He says No to You as an answer. God thinks more of our eternal good than our Earthly comfort. The only thing worth calling Good gifts is the Nature and characters of God as found in His Teachings in the previous studies. Ask, seek and knock after His Nature and you can be sure He will never deny you that!!! 

Whatever You want men to do to You, do to them: This is the Golden rule of the whole Bible. We must expect no good gifts from God if we ourselves have not been good to others. God wants to bring us to that point where we Love people as we Love ourselves. There are many things we do only because we have no love for others. For example, would you like someone to expose and gossip about your Sins to others? Would you like someone to see the nude pictures of Your Daughter? Would you like someone to shout at you? If your answer is NO, then don’t gossip about other’s sins, don’t click on that picture to view another person’s child nude pictures, don’t shout at others. What you don’t want people to do to You, Don’t do to them. Always ask Yourself when you want to do a thing “How will I feel if others do the same to Me?” This is the mark of a True Christian. It is to bring us to a place where we Love others as we Love ourselves. May the Holy Spirit spread the Love for others in our hearts in Jesus name (Amen). 
Dear Friend, God will not cast His pearls before pigs. He will never give His Holy things to the Dogs!! Are you a dog or a pig? Do you have No interest for Spiritual things? Are you only interested in what animals are interested in? Cry out to God to create a desire in You. Ask Him to stir up an interest for Spiritual things in your heart. Ask for the Nature of God. Ask for the Holy Spirit to make the characters of Jesus be seen in You. For this is the Holy thing worth calling a Good thing. Seek after it diligently, and Knock on Your Heavenly Father’s door in prayer. If you ask, seek and knock in Faith, You can be sure that God will give you all the attributes described in the sermon on the Mount. Remember to do to others what You want them to do unto You. May the Grace of God lift us up from descending to the Level of the Dogs (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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