Day 048 – Judging others!!! 

Judging others!!!
Judge not, that You may not be Judged. For with what Judgement you judge, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to to your brother ‘Let me remove the speck in your eye’ and Look, a plank is in your your own eye? Hypocrite!, First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye…….. Matthew 7:1-5
In these verses, Jesus taught about not Judging others and How to go about it when we see a fault in our Brothers Life. Jesus was not speaking about the Judges found in the Court of Law. The Lawyers and Government has been given that power by God to avenge and execute Judgement on those that practice evil in the Country(Romans 13:4). So in these verses, He was referring to Judging among individual persons.
Judge Not that You may not be Judged: What does this verse really means? Are we just to be like mindless individuals who says nothing when we see a wrong? Are we just to keep silent and have no opinion on things? In 1 Corinthians 3:1, we see Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit calling the believers at Corinth Carnal Christians. Also we see Jesus calling the Pharisees “Brood of Vipers(Matt 23:33). Was Jesus disobeying His Commandments? Far from it!!! To understand this matter of Judging others carefully, we must consider John 7:24 which says” DO NOT JUDGE according to appearance, BUT JUDGE with Righteous Judgement”. This verse says DO NOT JUDGE, and then it Says “JUDGE”. This is the balance of Scriptures. All our Misinterpretation of Scriptures comes from not being balanced in our understanding of the Scriptures. There are many who have taken one part of the Scriptures without comparing with other parts of Scriptures and have made terrible mistakes. Remember Satan also quoted a part of Scripture to tempt Jesus to Jump from the pinnacle of the temple, but Glory to God that Jesus knew what was also written in the Scriptures(Matt 4:5-7).
So Looking at John 7 :24 “Do not Judge according to Appearance but Judge with Righteousness Judgement” it appears to me that there are some things we are to Judge and there are some things we are not to judge. There are some opinions we are to give about people but there are others that only God is to do. 1 Corinthians 4:5 says “Judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will bring to to light the HIDDEN THINGS of Darkness and reveal the COUNSELS OF THE HEARTS” There are two things the Lord will bring to Judgement when He comes, the Hidden things in the Lives of people and the motive in people’s heart. We know nothing about the secret lives of people so we are not to judge it. We know nothing about the motives of others so we are not to judge it. Because Our flesh is so corrupt, we are so quick to pass a judgment on other people secret lives. For Example, A Pastor died in an accident and people started saying “It must have been because he had Sinned secretly. If He had a connection with God, God would have delivered him from accident” This is a Wrong Judgement!!! We know nothing about the secret Hidden lives of people, leave that Judgement to God. An Example of Judging the Motive of the Heart is, Seeing somebody donating some money and doing some good works and immediately we begin to say “He is doing that to receive Honour from Men and to make a name for Himself” This is also a wrong judgment for We cannot know the motive in people’s Heart. Leave it to the Lord, He will reveal it when He comes!!! 
So what are we to Judge? Jesus says “Beware of false prophets for By their fruits, You shall know them(Matt 7:15-20). We are in the last days where there is a lot of deception. If we are not careful to observe the Fruits that comes from the Life of an individual, we would not be able to know the False and the True Brethren. So Jesus expects us to pass an opinion based on the fruits we see in a person’s life. The fruits that is obvious to us makes us know the stand of a person. People are always afraid to give opinion especially on well respected Preachers because they are afraid. Even when they see something wrong, they just keep silent on the matter. Well, I am not here to criticize anyone but I will just like to ask this question “If you are a Father with many Children, won’t you warn your children concerning those who are around to deceive them?” when you become a Father and have responsibility for Children, You will understand what I mean. In these last days, there is a need for Leaders who are really interested in saving those that they are responsible for and other Followers about false brethren based on the fruits that is obvious in such lives. So let us learn to pass a righteous Judgment based on the fruits we see as we tally it with what is written in God’s word. 
When we pass our opinion or Judgement based on the fruits we see, it must be done in Mercy. Remember God waits for a Man to Die before he passes Judgement(Hebrews 9:27). It must be done in mercy and Love. If we don’t show mercy when we pass judgment, we will also not get mercy when the Lord judges us(James 2:13). The measure we use to judge people will also be the one used to judge us. If we are harsh and strict in passing Judgement, then the Lord will be harsh and strict with us also. Let us be loving in our Judgement on people. Jesus gave His judgment on the Pharisees, yet He Loved them so much that He died for their Sins. Paul gave his judgment concerning the Church at conrith yet He Loved them and wept for their Sins. Let All our Judgement be a Righteousness one as Seen in the New testament, but it must be done in Love and not in hatred. 
We must see the wrongs in other people’s lives as speck of dust. Compare to the ones we see in our own lives. Don’t look at the speck of wrongs in other people’s lives if you have not dealt with the plank in your own life. Whatever Terrible things you see in others are too small to be compared with the Corruption we find in our own Flesh. Our own Sin must appear Greater to us than the sins we see in others. You can’t help to transform a person if you yourself are defeated. Do a work of reformation on yourself first, so that you can see clearly to help your brother. We cannot help our brother if we have not gotten rid of the Judgemental attitude of our own lives. It is hypocrisy trying to help others when we ourselves are in a defeated situation. We are not to ignore the wrongs of our Brothers because there is a wrong in us, instead we are to correct our wrong so that we may help our brothers get out of his own. May the Lord God give us Grace to always remember that Transformation begins with us first!!! 
Dear friend, Do not Judge the Hidden life and motives of people, but Judge the fruits with Righteous Judgement. Show mercy in Judgement that you also may receive mercy from the Lord. Always remember that the Sins you see in others are Speck compare to the  Plank you find in yourself. Humble yourself and first seek for transformation in your Life first so that you may be of Help to your Brothers. May God teach our heart and mouth wisdom in this area in Jesus name (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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