Day 045- The Two Masters!!! 

The Two Masters!!! 
No one can serve two Masters, for either He will Hate the one and Love the other, or He will be Loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot Serve God and Mammon!!!….. Matthew 6:24
After Jesus spoke concerning keeping our Conscience which is the Lamp of the whole body clear, He went ahead to talk about the Love of Money. There are many people who have a bad conscience because of their Love of Money. Some because of some debt they have not paid. There are many who have ruined their Lives and lose spiritually because of the pursuit of Money. So in this Verse, We see Jesus warning us about the Love of Money.
No one can serve Two Masters: As Far as Jesus is Concern, there are Two Masters in This World. And Guess what? It is not God and Satan!!! Instead it is God and Mammon!!! Everyone knows that it is impossible to Serve God and Satan. But Majority will claim that it is Possible to Serve God and Mammon. Yet the Words of Jesus says “You cannot Serve God and Mammon” Are You wiser than Jesus? Do you think He was too extreme with that Statement? Do you think you Know more than Him? I repeat “You cannot, It is impossible to Serve God and Mammon”
What is Mammon? Mammon means Gain, Money and Material things. Everything in this World that we refer to as Gain is Mammon( Philippians 3:7). All that this world has to offer to us which is the Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the Eyes, and the pride of Life is Mammon(1 John 2:16). To some people, their belly is their god(Philippians 3:19). All they live for is the Lust of their Flesh to satisfy their Hunger. To some, everything their eyes see, they long to acquire it and cannot live without satisfying the Lust of their eyes. To others, All they are Living for is to have a Reputation that here on Earth they were great men, had a Lot of titles after their names and they feel hurt and unhappy when people address them without those titles which is the Pride of their Lives. All these are categorized under Mammon. Yet the Word of the Lord is “You cannot Serve God and Mammon”. You cannot Serve God and at the same time Pursue after All the world has to offer. Friendship with what the World offers is enmity with God(James 4:4). If you love what the World offers, the Love of the Father is not in You(1 John 2:15). You cannot lay Treasures in Heaven and also on Earth at the same time. You must choose one. 
If you Love God, You will Hate Mammon. If you Love What the World has to offer, whether You know it or not, You Hate God!!! Did you hear that? If you Love Money, whether You know it or not, You hate God. If you Hold onto God, you will despise Mammon. If You are Really Loyal to God, You will Hate Money. That verse is so crystal clear to me. Even a Basic Class pupil will understand it. We must decide from the Beginning of our Christian race who we want to serve. Whether It is God or Money. There are many young Believers who started the Christian Race with All sincerity to Serve God alone. But because they found themselves in a Church where they preach that Godliness is a means of Gain(1 Timothy 6:5).where they preach that if you come to the Lord, He will give you more of Properties, Money and other material things like that. Unfortunately, these young Believers believe that wrong Gospel and starts thinking in terms of Mammon and what the world has to offer. And if you see them after many years, they have not grown at all, they only have a form of Godliness but deny the power of it(2 Timothy 3:5)
So what should our attitude be if God increases our income even when we don’t pursue after it? Is there anything bad in having money and property? There is no Sin in having properties, but it becomes Sin when we Love it. Money is NOT the root of All evil, it is the LOVE of money(1 Timothy 6:10). Whenever the Law of God and Mammon Crosses path, we must obey the Laws of God. Whenever Mammon gives us an instruction and God’s word said another thing, we must choose to obey God. The one whom you obey is Your Master. If Mammon says to You “Sign that false statements and get more Money” and God’s word says “Don’t Lie”. The one You Obey is Your Master!!!  If Mammon says to you “Why should you go to Church Meetings, open Your Shop and sell and make more money”  And God says “Don’t Forsake the gathering of Believers” The one whom You obey is Your Master!!! Money says “Do this!!!”, God says “Do that”. The one whom You obey is Your Master!!! When God increases our income, we must spend it exactly as Jesus spent His money. Buy what You NEED, and GIVE to the poor(John 13:29). Once we start getting things we don’t Need, we are beginning to Love the World. Let us therefore judge ourselves in this area because the Love of Money is deeply  root in our flesh. Once we see a desire in our hearts Longing for More than necessary of what the world offers, it is a Sign that we have lost our Love for God. For We cannot Love God and Mammon!!! 
There are many so called Preachers who are not serving God but instead they are serving money. What they Look for in their services to God is the gift and money they would receive after ministrations. So many Gospel musicians are not serving God, they only go to places where they can get the Highest pay. So many Christian writers write in order to get Money and royalties for the books they have written. We must be very careful in this area of Money. The Love of money is a Sin that easily beset us. Let us therefore always keep our eyes clear in this area. For a servant of God must flee from the Love of Money!!!(1 Timothy 6:10-11)
Dear Friend, If you Love God, You will Hate money. If you Love money, then You will Hate God. Choose this Day whom You will Serve!!! You cannot Serve both. Those who claim to be Loyal to Both what the world offers and God will be shocked  at the Judgement seat of Christ to discover that They never serve Him. Be wise my Friend!!! You cannot know more than Jesus. If Jesus says serving Both is impossible, then Just Humble Yourself and say “it is True” May the Grace of God purify us until Jesus can Look at us and say “This is a Brother or Sister in whom there is No Single Love of Money!!!”(Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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