Day 044- The Lamp of the body!!! 

The Lamp of the Body!!! 
The Lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, Your whole body will be full of Light. But if your eye is bad, Your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the Light that is in You is darkness, how great is that Darkness!!!…… Matthew 6:22-23 
After Jesus finished his theme on doing what is good with the wrong motives. Giving, fasting and praying only to seek Honour from Men. He went ahead to speak about the Lamp of the body. It is the Lamp of the body that shows us if we are doing our religious activities rightly or wrongly. It is the Lamp that shows us our true spiritual condition.
The Lamp of the body is the eye: Was Jesus referring to our physical eyes? If Jesus was speaking about our physical eyes, how will those who are born blind apply this verse to their Lives? How will those that were born with bad eye condition benefit from this verse? I believe the EYE here refers to our CONSCIENCE. Just like Jesus use Salt and Light(Matt 5:13-14)to explain a Principle, He is also using the Eye to explain a principle here. So Jesus was saying “The Lamp of the body is the CONSCIENCE!!” The Conscience is the Light in us. God has given All human a conscience. Man’s conscience was meant to be the Light that was to lead us to God. If we follow the voice of conscience, we will find God!! Even the barbarians who lived in the forest and have never heard the Gospel have a Conscience that tells them that they have Sinned against a Superior Authority. That’s why they Always Look for an object of worship such as stone, tree, Sun or moon just to clear their conscience. So our Conscience is something that must be taken care of Just Like our physical eyes. If a speck of dust enters our physical eyes, it would irritate us so much that we will leave the work we are doing to get that speck removed from our eyes by washing with water. One speck of dust retained in the eyes can cause a Man to go blind. You don’t need 25 specks, one is enough!!! Now Jesus says We have to keep our Conscience Like that!!! One speck of Sin on our Conscience is enough to make us Spiritually Blind. Something between You and God that has not been set right, a Sin that you have not repented of and confessed, someone you have not forgiven, a Sin you have not Forsaken is enough to Blind Your Conscience!!! Many believers have become spiritually blind because they have not taken Sin seriously. They have not been faithful to keep their Conscience clear. If we clear our conscience from All known Sins, our whole body will be full of Light. 
Our Conscience is Either Bad or Good. There is nothing Like 50% Good. We either have a good or bad conscience. One spot of Sin on our Conscience is as bad as 100 spots of Sin on our conscience. A man who has just one unconfessed Sin on His conscience is in the same bad condition with someone that has 100 things to confess. We must always be like Paul who strive to have a conscience without offense before God and Man(Acts 24:16). We must be able to say Like Paul that “We have Lived in all good conscience before God(Acts 23:1)”
So is God going to Judge us according to our conscience? If God is going to Judge us by our Conscience, then why preach the Gospel of Faith in Jesus Christ? There are Many Atheist( Those who don’t believe in the Existence of God) who claimed that they have kept their conscience clear. There are many other Religion who preached keeping the Conscience Clear!!! So what makes Christianity different? God is going to Judge our conscience according to what is written in the Gospel of Christ(Romans 2:15-16). When we are not Born again, our Conscience is far below the standard of God. But if we are sincere and Listen to the Voice of Conscience even at that Low level, it will lead us to God for the salvation of our Soul. So for those who have rejected the way of Salvation that God has provided through Jesus Christ and have decided to Live their lives based on their Conscience, they will discover at the Judgement seat that they have lived below the standard of God. They will discover that All the good they did with a clear Conscience was Corrupt because it was not cleanse with the Blood of Jesus Christ.
Also, there are lots of Believers who have accepted Jesus as their Saviour who do wrong things and Yet they do not have a Bad conscience about it. What it means is that they have not educated their conscience according to the standard of God’s word. So when we are converted, it should be our desire that our conscience comes up gradually to the Level of God’s word. We are to renew our mind and Conscience according to what is written in the Scriptures. For example, Philippians 2:14 says “Do All things without grumbling and Complaining”. Do you know how many Believers grumble and complain about everything yet do not have a bad conscience after it? We must educate our conscience to come up to the Standard of God’s word!!! Our Conscience must immediately tell us that we are wrong to Grumble and Complain. This is why Every Child of God must read and mediate deeply on God’s word. Those who don’t have the habit of Mediating on God’s word have a conscience that is below God’s standard. 
If we don’t Allow Our Conscience to develop according to God’s standard, the Light in us can become Darkness. It is a serious thing to know the truth yet choose to live at a Lower standard. It is far better not to have known the way of righteousness than to know it and Yet ignore the Voice of Conscience. God will not Judge everyone at the same standard. God will Judge us according to the measure of the Light we have received. To whom more is given, more will be required (Luke 12:48). Those who do not educate their conscience according to God’s standards in His Word will be judged less than those who claim to read the Bible and know what God’s word says yet have failed to keep a clear conscience. Let us therefore fear lest we face a stricter Judgement from God(James 3:1)
Dear Friend, are you more concern about Your Physical eye than Your conscience? Do you take the Dirt that enters Your eyes more serious than you take the Sins on Your Conscience? Would you wash your eyes immediately when you discover a speck of dust in it but postpone setting right a bad conscience? Keep Your conscience clear always my Friend. Take Sin seriously!!! Any Sin you retain can make your conscience go blind!!! Educate Your conscience to come up to God’s standard in His Word. Don’t live at a substandard Life. Keep Your conscience Clear always so that the Light in You will not become Dark!!! May the Lord give us Grace to be Quick to set things Right immediately we sense irritation within our conscience.(Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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