Day 043 – Treasures in Heaven!!! 

Treasures in Heaven!!! 
Do not lay up for yourselves Treasures on Earth, where Moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for Yourselves Treasures in Heaven, where neither Moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where Your Treasure is, there Your Heart will be also….. Matthew 6:19-21
In these verses, we see Jesus warning us about laying Treasures on Earth. And it is significant to notice that it comes immediately after Jesus warns us about doing that which is good for the wrong motives. I perceive that those who give, fast and pray to receive Honour from Men have a greater tendency to lay up their Treasures on Earth. The Honour they coveted to get from men are the things they treasured so much in all their religious activities. A True Disciple of the Lord is one who has No Treasure on Earth. 
What is a Treasure? A Treasure is something which we have and look upon as the best thing to have. A Treasure is something which we set our Hearts, desire, passion and have great confidence upon. Mostly, Unconverted Soul find their Treasure in their Money, Talent, abilities, Education, Certificates, properties and other material things. Is there anything wrong in Having ALL of these? NO!!! But it becomes wrong when our Treasures are found in All of these. It becomes wrong when we find our confidence and affection set upon these. The Bible does not specify a limit of Material things we can have to be called a “Treasure”. We are not to Judge others in this area. Because we see someone who has five cars does not mean that person is Laying up Treasures upon the Earth. Because we see someone having a Huge sum of Money in His or Her Bank account does not mean He or she is Laying Treasures on Earth. It is left for each of us to decide what is a Treasure and what is a Necessity. There is tendency for those who have few material things to look at those who have much and start Judging them that they are laying Treasures on Earth. It is left for each one of us to examine ourselves if something is a Treasure or necessity. To a Man who has a Large Family, having Five cars may be a necessity. There is absolutely nothing wrong in saving up money for the future to meet emergency and provide for our Children’s education. Even Jesus had a Money Box where He saved some money and the the Box was handled by Judas. And I am sure the Money in that Box was much for Judas to have been stealing from it yet the other Disciples never suspected(John 12:6). So there is nothing wrong in saving up for the Future but our Treasure, Hope and confidence must not be found in what we have saved.
We can know where our Treasures are by considering what we give most of our thoughts to. When we are often thinking of money and how to make more and more money, it is a clear indication that our Treasures are set on it. Our attitude to material things is an indication of whether we have Treasure in it or not. If we lose our Joy when our property and money gets missing, then it shows that our Treasure is in it. Few days ago, I was having challenges with my phone, I became so worried that I could not eat. All my thoughts was on “How will I continue #Everyday with Jesus?” it became a great burden in my Heart to the extent that I lost my Joy. Until the Lord rebuked Me that I am beginning to Set my affections on My ministry instead of Jesus Himself. I repented of it and my phone started working perfectly again. I learnt a lesson from there that even our Ministry and what the Lord does through us must never be our Treasure. All our good works must not be seen as a Treasure we glory in. For the things which we see are temporal but the things which we do not see are eternal(1 Corinthians 4:18).
Where your Treasures is, there Your Heart will be also: God’s plan for us is that our Heart be set upon things in Heaven. Colossians 3:2 says “Set your mind on things above, not on things on the Earth. Those who have laid no Treasures in Heaven cannot set their hearts towards Heaven. Those who have nothing in Heaven do not see Death as Great gain( Philippians 1:21). Those who have spent their lives seeking and laying their Treasures here on Earth Looks gloomy and sad when they are on their Death bed. Because it suddenly becomes clear to them that they have no Treasure in Heaven. Everything on Earth is subject to rust and decay. We have material things because we have to live on Earth, but our Hearts must not be set upon them. So let us look at All our Earthly things with a Holy contempt so that we may focus on the Treasures of Heaven.
What are the Treasures in Heaven? Is it the Crown of Gold with stars? Is it the street of Gold? Is it the Big and colourful Mansion? Are these the Treasures in Heaven? Honestly, I have spent All my life happy without a Crown on my head. I have survived on Earth without living in a Mansion. Then how can these be my Treasures in Heaven? In Heaven, we will need nothing!! Money and properties will have no value in Eternity. We are so materialistic in our thinking. I have heard people who say ” The size and quality of our Mansion in Heaven will depend on how we have been faithful with our tithes and offerings here on Earth” Rubbish!!! Those who have this mindset are Children who have not actually understood the Values of Heaven. The Greatest thing about Heaven is Jesus and the greatest Treasure that a Man can get is to Sit Very Close to Jesus. Out of millions of people that would be in Heaven, some will be closer and follow the Lamb wherever He goes(Revelation 14:4)while others will be far away. Some will be among the Bride of Christ while others will just be invited to the marriage of the Lamb(Revelation 19:9). I perceived this was what James and John discovered that made them bring their mother to Jesus begging for a Seat beside Jesus when He sets up His Kingdom( Matthew 20:21). They were not asking for a Mansion or a Crown. They just wanted a seat beside Jesus!!! This is the greatest Honour and Treasure we can get in Heaven. And the Only way to get that seat is by purifying ourselves Just as Jesus Is pure(1 John 3:3)and Remaining Humble until the End(Philippians 2:5-9). This is the Treasure that never rust. This is the Treasure that can never be stolen!!! Let us therefore Lay Hold of Christ!!! For He is the Treasure Hidden in the Field!!! 
Dear Friend, where is Your Treasure Located? Is it on Earth or in Heaven? If Your Treasure is laid upon the Earth, You will be Earthly in your Thinking. But if Your Treasure is in Heaven, You will be Heavenly in Your Thoughts. Don’t ever listen to a Preacher who sets your mind on Earthly things(Philippians 3:17-20). Check what you think about Most of the time. It shows you exactly where your Treasures are. Renew your mind!!! Time is running out!!! Don’t risk it. Lay up Treasures for Yourselves in Heaven now that You are still active!!! A day is coming when it would be too late. May the Grace of God set us in the Direction Direction concerning our Treasures in Jesus name (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus


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