Day 041 – The Lord’s Prayer!!!! 

The Lord’s Prayer. 
In this manner, therefore pray: Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your Kingdom Come. Your will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our Daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our Debtors. And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the Evil one. For Yours is the Kingdom, and the power and the Glory forever. Amen. If you forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive You. But if you do not,……. neither will your Father forgive you…. Matthew 6: 9-15
In our previous Study, we see Jesus telling his Disciples how not to Pray, But here He taught us how to pray. This does not mean we have to repeat this prayer meaninglessly as some people do without considering the words itself. Many of us have been taught this prayer right from Childhood but have not taken time to consider what it really means. This prayer should be a guide to us to know what the focus of our prayer should be and how our prayer is to be structured. So let us therefore consider the Prayer,:
Our Father in Heaven: When we approach God in prayer, we must remember that He is Our Father. We become Children of God when we become Born again. Those in the Old testament never knew God as a Father. They Know Him as God, Master but not as a Father. But those that have received Jesus have become Children of God. Jesus taught Us to address God as Father. When we recognise that God is our Father, prayer becomes Easy and Simple. When we know that the one who we are approaching in prayer is Our Loving Father, it builds our faith and confidence that He will listen to Us. And this our Father is the one In Heaven. The one who rules over all. The one who controls the universe. The one who works everything according to the counsel of His will. The one who is Almighty and has the King’s heart in His hands and turns it wherever He wishes. The one who is Sovereign and able to do all things. Knowing that God is our Father and that He is in charge of the Whole world gives us faith which is what God looks for in prayer. 
Hallowed be Your name, Your Kingdom Come. Your will be done on Earth: All Human are naturally selfish. We always think in terms of our own needs. We are so self-centered. When we were unconverted, we think of what we can get from the World. And Even when we gave our lives to Christ, we still think in terms of what we can get from God. It is good to make a list of all we have been asking for and we will discover that virtually ALL is for ourselves. But Jesus taught us in prayer not to Pray for our own need first. We should always remember that God has a need also. What should be primary in our prayer should be God’s name, God’s Kingdom and God’s will. A true Disciple of the Lord is  one who prays that God’s name should be Hallowed and glorified in His Life and Conducts. A true Disciple has no concern about His own name. Whether people speak Evil or defame His name means nothing. What He is concerned about is that the name of the Lord should be kept Holy and Glorified, first in His own Life, in His House and Family and then in the country at Large. It is of no use praying that God’s name should be Hallowed in our country if we are not concern about it being Hallowed in our lives and our home. In fact, that is Hypocrisy!!! Similarly, We must pray that God’s Kingdom which is a Kingdom of Righteousness, peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit will be established first in our own lives. We must pray that God should take the Kingship and Lordship of our own lives first. And after we have submitted to the Lordship of God in our lives we can stand in gap for the establishment of God’s Kingdom in a world that is not interested in God. It is Useless praying for the salvation of the world if we ourselves have not responded to the salvation offered to us. Also, we must pray that God’s will be done on Earth. Similarly, this begins with us.  Our aim in prayer should be that God’s will be done in our own lives. Exactly as it is done in Heaven!!! Permit me to Ask, “How is God’s will done in Heaven?” immediately God says a thing in Heaven, the Angels obey!!! Immediately God says a word, it is done!!! The Angels don’t wait and think about it for two days before they obey. They obey immediately!!! We must pray that immediately God says a thing to Use in His Word, we want to obey immediately!!! If the Lord says “Go and apologies to that person, Go immediately!!! Turn your face away from that dirty thing, Do it immediately” we must pray for Grace to do God’s will in our lives exactly the way Angels do it in Heaven!!! 
Give us this Day our Daily bread: After we have put God first in our prayers, then we can pray for our own needs. And it is significant to notice that it comes immediately after the praying for God’s name, Kingdom and Will. This is to teach us that the only reason we are permitted to ask for our own need is if it to  Hallow God’s name, seek the establishment of His Kingdom and do His will. It is wrong to ask God to give You Food, good health, good job and other material things if it is to be used to seek your own Glory and Your own will. Why should God give you good health if your intention is to chase women and make more money with it? Why should God give you food if You want the strength to commit more Sin? Jesus thought Us to Pray for Daily Bread not Daily Ice cream. He taught us to pray for necessity not luxury. It must be Daily!!! Even if we have enough savings, Yet we must pray for it Daily showing that we are depending on His Daily provisions and not on our Past savings.
Forgive us our Debts as we forgive our Debtors: Sin is a Debt we all owe to God. But the Price was paid by Jesus on Calvary’s Cross. But our Sin cannot be forgiven if we have not forgiven others. If there is one single person we have not forgiven on Earth, no matter what evil they have done to us, God will not forgive Us. This matter of Forgiveness is so serious that Jesus had to repeat this matter of Forgiving others in (Verse 14-15). There are many Children of God whose Sins are not forgiven because they have failed to Forgive Someone else. Can someone whose Sin is not forgiven come into God’s presence or Kingdom? Far from it!!! Such children become Like the Unforgiving servant whose Cancelled Debts was brought back to remembrance and thrown into Prison because He would not forgive another Person!!!(Matthew 18:23-35). We are to Pray for forgiveness of Sin both conscious and unconscious Sins. Because None of Us as become perfect Like Jesus. 
Do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the Evil one: After Praying for Forgiveness of Sins, we must press on towards Victory over Sins. We must pray that God will not lead us into temptation that  will be too much for us to bear. Though He has promised He will never Allow us to be tempted beyond our abilities (1 Corinthians 10:13), yet We must pray for it. We must pray for Victory over the Evil one which is the Devil and His devices.
It is also interesting to note that the Word “Me or I” are not found in the Lord’s Prayer. Instead we find ” Give US, Forgive US, Lead US and Deliver US” If you are a selfish person, You can’t pray correctly, if you have no concern for Your brothers and sisters material and spiritual needs, The Lord’s Prayer is not for You. Jesus expects us to pray for our brothers and sisters and even for ALL Human(1 Timothy 2:1)
Finally, the Lord’s Prayer ended by acknowledging that All the Kingdoms and the Power and All the Glory belongs to our Heavenly Father. Our Father in the one in Charge!!! This should bring peace to our Hearts after prayer. This is the peace of God that surpasses all understanding that guard our Hearts and minds after we have prayed to our Heavenly Father( Philippians 4:6-7)
Dear Friend, this is the pattern that Jesus taught His Disciples, check your prayer and see if it is according to pattern. Check if You have learnt to put God first. Check if You pray for the Hallow of God’s name and the Establishment of God’s Kingdom and His will in Your life and House first and then for the world at Large. Check the motive for asking God for Food and Health, is it to seek your own will? Have you forgiven Everyone no matter what Evil they did? I can guarantee You 100%, if there is one person that You have not forgiven from your Heart, Even if you claim to be a child of God and that God is your Father, You will never be allowed into His presence because Your Sins are not forgiven. Remember to Always pray for other Brothers and sisters for their Material and Spiritual needs. (I hope You will remember me in prayer today). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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