Day 040 – The wrong Praying Pattern!!! 

The Wrong praying Pattern!!!
When You pray, You shall not be like the Hypocrites. For they Love to Pray standing in the synagogue…. that they may be seen by Men…. But You when You pray, go into Your room, and when You have shut the down, pray to your Father who is in the secret place… and He will reward you openly… Do not use vain repetition as the Heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words… For your Father knows the things you need before you ask Him…. Matthew 6:5-8
In these verses, Jesus continues to explain what He meant by our Righteousness exceeding that of the Scribes and the Pharisees. He continues with the theme of doing that which is good but with the wrong motive. These are the Sins that easily traps us so there is a need to judge ourselves continuously until the Lord gives us victory in these areas.
When we pray, we are not to be like the Hypocrite: Prayer is an activity that All believers must engage themselves in. It is a means of communicating with God and making our request known to Him. But the Danger we may face while praying is that we may be tempted to receive Honour for our prayers. There is a fantastic lust in our flesh to receive Honour. Among Believers, we Love to have a reputation that we are zealous, whole-hearted and prayerful. We are quick to show people that we are in contact with God and get supernatural answers to prayer. If we are honest, we will have to confess how much we have prayed in public to get Honour from Men. We are so quick to try and impress people with the spiritual quality and content of our prayers. There is an excitement we get when others shout a loud Amen to our prayers and when they don’t respond, we tend to be discouraged and try to increase our fervency. All these are Honour seeking in prayer. When we find ourselves Loving to Pray in public in such a way that we never prayed in private, we become Hypocrite. When we find ourselves trying to spend more time in public prayers than we do in private, we become Hypocrite. When we congratulate ourselves inwardly for a good prayer, we become Hypocrite. We must always judge ourselves before and after public prayers. We must always ask ourselves why we added some words into the prayers. There is nothing wrong in praying in public, but it becomes wrong when we Love it because of the Honour we get from it. 
There is no reward for prayers prayed to impress men. Such prayers does not go beyond the roof of the meeting hall. Such prayers does not ascend to Heaven. The reward for such prayers are the Honour the person gets for praying in such way. There are so many prayers that does not gets to Heaven. There are so many public prayers that is just a waste of time because most of it are always to impress men. Jesus would always send the Multitude away and then pray alone on the mountain(Matt 14:23). As Believers, we must appreciate Private prayers. This is the only time we can be free from temptation to seek Honour from prayer. We must learn the habit of praying in secret before God alone. We must learn to go into our room and shut the door and pray to our Father in secret. Secret prayers accomplish more.
So what should we do when we are called upon to Pray in public? Are we to say “NO?”. God forbid!!! Saying No when called upon to Pray in public is like denying the testimony of the Lord. Jesus also prayed in public. There was a time He was praying in public and His Disciples were so impressed with the way He prayed that they approached Him to teach them How to Pray( Luke 11:1). So how are we to go about it so that we will not fall into Temptations to impress men in public prayers? Simple!!! Close Your eyes, send the Multitude away in your mind, enter the room in your heart and shut the door and pray!!! Honestly, it works. There is a way we can shut the door against the Multitude around us while we pray in public. This is one reason why we are told to close our eyes while praying. It is to help us send the Multitude away and focus only on God. Even if people refuse to say Amen to our prayers, we are not bothered because we already shut the door against them. This is a habit we must learn so that All our prayers can always be before God whether it is prayed in public or private. 
Do not use vain repetition as the Heathen do, for they think that they would be heard for their many words: one of the notion we could have in prayer is that if we repeat the same prayer again and again and again, then God will hear us. There are many who thinks God will hear them if they prayed for one hour but would not hear them if they prayed for one minute. There are many who thinks if they shout the name of Jesus seven times and Holy spirit seven times, then God will hear the prayer. There are others who feels that because they spent all night in prayer God will answer them. This is an Heathen concept!!! What God looks for in our prayers is our Faith, purity of Heart, motives and persistence. It is a wrong notion to think that because we have spent hours in prayers and have repeated the prayer again and again then God will hear us. So is there anything wrong in All night prayer? Definitely Not!!! Jesus spent All nights in prayer also( Luke 6:12). Is there anything wrong in saying the same words again in Prayer? Not at all, Jesus repeated the same prayer three times in the Garden of Gethsemane ( Matt 26:44). But it becomes wrong when we begin to think that because we have spent All nights in Prayers and said the same prayers again and again, then God will pity us and decides to hear us. Let us clear our mind of this notion lest we become like the prophet of Baal who cried out from Morning till evening to call down fire from Heaven because they we thinking God will answer them because of their Long hours in prayer(1 king 18:25-29)
For your Father knows the things you need before you ask Him: This is an amazing statement!!! God is a Father who knows what we need before We ask Him. So prayer is not informing God of what He does not know. Prayer is not telling God what He is not aware of. Prayer is not trying to move God concerning a Matter that is urgent. When we approach God in prayer, it is good to always bear this in mind. Lest we think we are informing the Almighty God of a situation that He is not aware of. So if that is the case, why do we need to pray? If God is a Loving Father and He knows what I need, why must a Loving Father wait for me to ask before He gives Me? Also if My prayers cannot change God’s mind, why do I still need to pray? These were questions that was on my mind when I was a little child. But now that I have grown, I threw away childish questions. Prayer is dependence upon God. Prayer is Fellowship with God. God wants to be co-worker with Man in accomplishing His Purpose. Even if All Human says No to God, His purpose will still come to stand. So God has given Man opportunity to be co-worker with Him in place of praying. Consider the Turning of the water to wine for example. Jesus could have commanded the Empty pot to be filled with Wine automatically, but instead He asked the servant to Fill the pots with water so that they could be co-workers with Him in his Miracles(John 2:7). Also at Lazarus tomb, He commanded them to roll the stones away so that they could be co-workers with His Miracles(John 11:39-41). So Prayer is saying to the Lord that ” I know I can’t change your mind Lord but in whatever you want to accomplish, I want it to be said that I became co-worker with you by praying for it in total dependence upon your wisdom and power” Let us therefore cleanse ourselves of thinking we are informing God or changing His mind when we pray. 
Dear Friend, All the prayers you have prayed to impress people has no reward. Do you still want to continue in that? Send the Multitude away!!! Shut the door of your Heart when you pray in public, enter into the Inner room of your Heart where God alone dwells. Don’t ever think many words or Long night prayers will draw God’s special attention to You. What God Honours is faith, right motives and purity of heart. Prayer is complete dependence upon God to be co-workers with Him in whatever He wants to do. May the Spirit of truth guide our Hearts and mouth in prayer so that when we get to Heaven, it will be said concerning us that “our prayers really accomplished what God wanted to do on Earth” God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus.

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