Day – 037 Vengeance!!! 


You have heard that it was said ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’. But I tell you not to resist an Evil person. But whoever slaps you on the right cheek, turn the other to Him also. If anyone wants to sue you and take away your tunic, let him have your cloak also……..Give to him who asks you, and to Him who wants to borrow from you, do not turn away….. Matthew 5:38-42. 
Continuing in these verses, Jesus was still expanding on what He meant by our Righteousness Exceeding the Righteousness of the Scribes and the Pharisees. And Here, He talks about Vengeance and taking Revenge. And what our attitude should be towards those who harm up and those who takes away our rights and what belongs to Us.
In the Old testament, it was eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, wound for wound and Life for Life(Exodus 21:23-25). They were allowed to take Vengeance on anyone who causes them injury. These does not means that the injured party do it Himself. But He is allowed to seek for Revenge from the Authority that God has placed upon them which were the Elders. This was permitted also because of the hardness of people’s heart at that time. But now, Jesus has come with Grace that can lift us higher than what the Old testament believers could attain. 
Now Jesus says “Don’t resist an Evil person” what does Jesus mean by this? Are we just to sit and watch an Evil person coming towards us to do us Evil? Even, Jesus said “When they Persecute you in a city, Flee to another city(Matthew 10:23). Even for Jesus, there were many times He hid himself because people sought to Kill Him(John 7:1). Was Jesus cancelling out the Established Laws in the Society towards an Evil person? Far from it!!! Government Authorities are God’s minister, an Avenger to Execute wrath on Him who practices Evil(Romans 13:4). If you see a thief trying to break into your House, are you just to sit there and do nothing? Call the Authorities involved. Police are God’s ministers(Believe it or not, the Authorities are Established by God). Then what does Jesus mean by Not resisting an Evil person? I believe what Jesus means by this is that “Don’t seek for revenge on an Evil person” our attitude towards those that have done evil to us should not be that of Vengeance. Because someone has pulled out your tooth or your eyes, you are not to wish that the same Evil should happen to that person. You can report the case to the authorities to prevent the Evil man from doing the same evil to others But Your attitude should not be that of Vengeance!!! Romans 12:17-19 says “Repay No Evil for Evil… Do not avenge Yourselves, but rather give place for wrath. For it is written,” Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord” we have been called as Christians to forgive. We are not even to rejoice when we see God taking Vengeance on those who have done Evil to Us. We are to forgive. I remember when Jesus was Crucified, He prayed that the Father should forgive them. And they mocked at him. Even though Jesus prayed for Forgiveness for them, Yet the Father took Vengeance on them. 40 years after Jesus was Crucified, the Romans came and leveled down their city. Destroyed their Temples and they became scattered all over the Earth. Jesus foresaw these but instead of saying “That serves them right, He wept over the city(Luke 19:41-44)” And the more we become Like Jesus, the more we don’t want vengeance on those who have done Evil to us. Do you think Jesus will be Happy when He finally sees people been condemned to Hell? People will definitely go to Hell but Jesus would not be dancing and rejoicing seeing them there. He will be sorry for them because they did not respond to the provision God has made for salvation which is simple Repentance and Faith towards Jesus Christ. So let us become my like Jesus in this area and not rejoice when an Evil man falls(Proverbs 24:17-18). 
If someone slaps You, what should you do? Jesus says “Turn the other one to Him, Turn your other cheek and be ready for another one!!!” instead of taking Revenge and hitting back, prepare Your mind to receive another slap and bear it patiently. So are we to say nothing when slapped or hit wrongly? No, we are to follow Jesus example when He was slapped. When Jesus was questioned at His arrest, one of the officer was angry at His answers and He struck Jesus with His palms, but Jesus did not turn the other cheek, instead He asked “Why did you strike Me?(John 18:19-23)” Jesus demanded for an Explanation to know why He was slapped. But since He was not given an explanation, He did not fight for it. There is nothing wrong in asking for our rights, but if we are not given, we don’t fight for it as Believers. We are to forgive. The same thing, if someone wants to take away what rightfully belongs to you by Force like your clothes, let him have it. We don’t fight for material things. Report to the Authorities but if the Authorities do nothing about it, then let him Have it. We must believe in the sovereignty of God over all situations. 
Give to Him who ask you, and don’t turn away someone that wants to borrow from You: we need wisdom in this area of lending and giving out money to people because there are many who will abuse our generosity and graciousness. They are like wolves in the midst of sheep who only come around You to get something. Once they know that you are a good generous brother or sister, they borrow and never return. And some may even fall away because of the money you gave to them. Imagine a case where you lend out money and the person spent it on  fornication or drinking. Who is to be blamed? You of course!! You gave the money to Him or her. So what should we do? We must recognize that ALL our money belongs to the Lord and must always seek for His permission before we lend out money. We must see our income as God’s money and He allows us to use it. So when we are to give out what belongs to God we must ask Him for permission. If He gives us a go ahead, then we can led it out and we are not to hope of receiving it back (Luke 6:34-35). This is indeed a very High standard!!! Don’t let the deceitfulness of Sin get hold of you. Because we are quick to try and justify ourselves that God did not give us permission to lend out the money with us. If we will pray before giving out a Loan, then we must also pray before we receive Money from People. It will be hypocrisy to Pray when you want to give out money but refuse to Pray when we want to receive money. Let us therefore fear lest we interpret God’s word to suit the Evil desires which dwells in our flesh. 
Dear Friend, Do you ever wish that Evil should happen to someone that has done Evil to You? Is there a silent Joy and rejoicing in your heart when You heard that something terrible happened to someone that once injured You? Don’t repay evil for evil my friend. Vengeance belongs to God!!! Don’t take what belongs to God. I know You will never take the Glory that belongs to God, but Do you know that Vengeance also belongs to Him? If You will not Dare to take Glory, then why take Vengeance? Forgive My Friend. If He takes your rights, ask but don’t fight for it. If He slaps You, be ready and willing to accept another one. God makes all things work out for good for those who love God. Recognise that ALL your money belongs to the Lord, give to those whom He has given You permission to Give to. Learn to Listen to God at All times. If you hear Him saying “Give” then give expecting nothing in return. We will never attain to this standard of Righteousness except we open ourselves to be filled continuously with the Holy Spirit. For His Grace is sufficient for All our need. Let us open All the doors of our heart to the Spirit of Grace who will lift us up to the standard of righteousness the Lord requires of us in the New testament. God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus


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