Day 036- Do not Swear at All!!! 

Do not Swear at All. 
You have heard that it was said to those of Old, ‘You shall not Swear falsely, but shall perform Your oaths to the Lord. But I say to You, do not Swear at All: neither by Heaven…. Nor by Earth,…. nor by Jerusalem,….nor shall you swear by your head….. But Let Your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and Your ‘No’ be ‘No’. For whatever is more than these is from the Evil one….. Matthew 5:33-37 
In this verses Jesus talks about swearing. And the root of All swearing is Lying. Those who have the Habit of Lying are quick to Swear to Justify what they are saying.
In the Old testament, they were Allowed to Swear as Long as it is not falsely. They were allowed to take an oath in the name of the Lord. But now we have come to a new dispensation where we are commanded not to Swear at All. Oath is an indication that someone is saying ” I lie most of the time, but right now, I am speaking the Truth because I am under an oath” As Believers, we must have a testimony that we speak the Truth always. People must know us for integrity in Speech.
Lying is a Sin that easily ensnare us. Even Psalm 58:3 says “We speak Lies as soon as we are Born” Lying can be done without Speaking. Lying is more than the words. Lying is giving wrong impression to people about ourselves. We lie when we act in a certain way to give others impression about ourselves which is not true. Just like Ananias and Sapphira who sold their Lands and pretended that they were dropping the whole money at the feet of the Apostles. They never spoke a word with their mouth, they only gave an impression to others that they were giving all to God. Yet Peter said they lied to the Holy Spirit ( Acts 5:1-4). God would never have judged them if they had told Peter that they were not giving all their money. But they pretended to be. We must cleanse ourselves from All habit that seeks to give others impression that are not true about us. Each time we Lie, it means we give our mouth to the Devil because He is a Lair and the Father of All lies(John 8:44). The First Sin mentioned in the Bible was a Lie!!! The Devil told Eve that They will not Die if they eat of the forbidden tree(Genesis 3:4). The Last Sin also mentioned in the Bible was that All those who Love and practices a Lie will not enter through the gates into the Heavenly City (Revelation 22:15). So we see that Lying is a Serious Sin!!! There are some people who claim that there are Holy Lies. Can you imagine!!!! White Lies? Can we do Evil and expect Good to come out of it(Romans 3:8)? God’s word is that ALL liars, whether Black or White, Holy or Unholy, shall have their parts in the Lake of Fire( Revelation 21:8). So Lying Should be taken with All seriousness. 
So having taken Lying Seriously, then we don’t have to swear At All. Because we have cleanse our tongue from lies, we see no reason to Take an oath to back up our words. James 5:12 says ” Above All my brethren, Do not Swear!!!” Let your Yes be Yes and don’t come into Judgment by swearing. Don’t even Swear by putting your hands on the Bible because the same Bible condemn Swearing. Don’t point to Heaven or Earth to prove your Points. Yes and No is enough. If they want more proof, Say “Yes Yes” or “No No”. Anything more than these is from the Evil one. Let us therefore fear lest something which is from the Evil one proceeds out of our mouth. 
Dear Friend, there is no need to Swear if you know you are speaking the Truth. If they would not take your Yes for Yes and Your No for No, then Let them believe whatever they like!!! Don’t seek to prove a point by Swearing or taking an oath. Have a reputation for always speaking the Truth and no one will be able to push you into Swearing. Cleanse your mouth from lying so that You can be among the group in Heaven who will follow the Lamb wherever He goes because in their Mouth was found no Lie(Revelation 14:5). May the Grace of God guide our mouth and teach us to Always speak the Truth at all times in Jesus name (Amen).God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus


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