Day 035 – Divorce !!!! 

Furthermore, it has been said, ‘Whoever divorces His wife, let Him give her a certificate of Divorce. But I say to You that Whoever divorces His wife for any reason except Sexual immorality causes Her to Commit Adultery, and whoever marries a woman who is Divorced Commits Adultery…… Matthew 5:31-32 
In this verse, Jesus continues to Expand on the True meaning of the Law and make comparison between what was permitted in the Old testament and what is obtainable in the New testament. Now He speaks on Divorce, and it good if the Church can go back to what Jesus really says concerning it. 
In the Old testament, Divorce was permitted because of the Hardness of Man’s Heart(Matthew 19:8). But that was not the initial plan of God from the Beginning. God’s plan was that “The two should become One Flesh(Matthew 19:6). So Divorce is not God’s plan for Husband and wife. In fact Even though it was permitted in the old testament, Yet God says” I hate Divorce(Malachi 2:16). So Divorce is something the Lord Hate. And am sure none of Us will want to do what the Lord hates. 
There are many people who says Until A Man pays the dowry of a Woman, No marriage is said to have taken place. So if they separate, that is not Divorce. Well let me tell you what God’s word says ” He who is Joined to a Harlot is one body with Her. For” The two” He says, “Shall become One(1 Corinthians 6:16). So to Me, Marriage is not until You pay Dowry. Once You are Joined together with a Woman, even if it is a Harlot, God sees You as One Flesh together. This is why Sexual Sin is a Serious matter. Once You are Joined, Believe it or not, You are Married. Some people will discover when they get to the Judgement Seat of Christ that they were married to Ten different people. This is why the Bible says “Flee Sexual immorality. Every Sin that a Man does is outside the body, but He who Commits Sexual immorality Sins against his own body(1 Corinthians 6:18)
The only case Divorce is Allowed in the New testament is when either of the Party Commits Sexual immorality. If you can’t forgive Your Partner, then You are allowed to Divorce. This is the only reason. Any other reason apart from Sexual immorality is called Adultery. Also, Anyone who marries someone who is Divorced Commits Adultery. 
So is Remarriage permitted after Divorce? There are many views on this Matter of Remarriage after Divorce. We will not receive any argument on this Matter. Ours is to proclaim what God’s word says by comparing Scriptures with Scriptures. Can a Man or a Woman Remarry after He or she Divorces His or Partner as a Result of Sexual immorality? NO!!! 1 Corinthians 7:10-11 gives just two options to anyone who is Divorced which are “Remain unmarried or be reconciled to Your Partner” As Long as the other Partner Lives, You are bound by the Law of Marriage but if the partner dies, You have liberty to be married to whom You wish (1 Corinthians 7:39). Which means the only time anyone is permitted to Remarry if when the other party dies. Even if You divorce because of the unfaithfulness of the other Partner, God’s word says “Remain unmarried or forgive the Partner” I repeat Myself “Anyone who marries someone that is Divorced while the Partner is Still alive Commits Adultery” The only thing that breaks a Marriage bound is Death. Even for Believers to become Free from the Law in order to be Married to Jesus, we have to Die(Romans 7:1-4). So let God’s standard be Clear. “The Only thing that Breaks Marriage Bound is Death!!! You are Permitted to Divorce Your Partner ONLY in case of Unfaithfulness in Sexual Matters. Even After You Divorce Your Partner, You are to remain Unmarried or Forgive Her and be reconciled back together”
If this is the case, what is the fate of those who already Divorced and Remarry before they met with Jesus and the Gospel? What are they to do? Acts 17:30 says “The Days of Ignorance, God overlooks” Since they came to know the Lord after the Damage has been done, there is nothing we can do about their case. Psalm 11:3 says ” If the Foundations are destroyed, what can the Righteous do? (Nothing)!!!” But those who know and Yet decides to Justify themselves with different Interpretation of the Scriptures, it would become clear on the Judgement day.
Those who do not have a clear testimony in Sexual area should never be given a Leadership role in the Church. I am not saying they cannot be a Believer but we must be careful to avoid doing anything that would put doubt in People’s minds. Imagine someone that is Divorced and remarried while His wife is still alive Leading a Church. There will be silent issues in people’s minds concerning whatever He is preaching or saying. Even if He is 100% correct!! That is why when God was given instructions concerning the Appointment of Church Leadership He said through Paul that they must have a Clear testimony in Marriage and Home Life (1 Timothy 3:2,12) 
So Dear Friend, Now that You are Young, now that You are beginning to Lay the Foundation of Your Life, Let it be known to You that Divorce is a thing the Lord hate!!! Let it be clear to you that only death can break the bound of Marriage. Even if Your Partner becomes unfaithful in Sexual area, and You decide to Divorce Him or Her, You are to remain unmarried or forgive!!! This is why you need to seek the Lord diligently when searching for a partner. This is why you must wait upon the Lord patiently to give you a Lifetime partner lest You pick for yourself and He or She becomes a thorn in the Flesh to You. 

And for those who are Divorced and Remarried while their partner is still alive before they meet the Lord, Don’t be discouraged. The time of ignorance, God overlooks. Even though there is nothing that can be done to the Foundation, Yet you have become the Righteousness of God. Even though you are not qualified to take the Leadership position in the Church, Yet God does not Love you less than others. In the Little Capacity you find yourself be Faithful!!! It does not have to be in the Church. If you are not Qualified to hold position in the Church, Be an Example of God’s mercy and Grace in your House, at your place of work, in the Bus and on the street. Don’t covet the Honour of Church Leadership. And if God sees Your Humility and Faithfulness, I can guarantee You, He will accomplish More through You than those who hold positions of Leadership in the Church. May God give Us the Grace to Follow His Word according to pattern despite the Decay we see in Today’s Christianity (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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