Day 034 – Adultery in the Heart!!! 

Adultery in the Heart!!! 
You have heard…. You shall not commit Adultery, But I say to You that Whoever Looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed Adultery with her in his Heart. If Your right eyes causes You to Sin, pluck it out and cast it from You…. And if Your right hand causes You to Sin, Cut it off and cast it from You, for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into Hell…. Matthew 5:27-30 
In these verses, Jesus continues his  exposition on the old testament laws. He continues to Explain the True meaning of the Laws given in the old Covenant to show his Disciples what God really expects in the New Covenant so as to come to a Life of Righteousness that Exceeds that of the Scribes and the Pharisees. 
In the Old testament, what they termed as Adultery was the Actual act itself. They know nothing about Heart Adultery. As long as they did not commit that Act of fornication and Adultery externally, they were Okay. But we see Jesus going to the root of the problem. We see Him pointing to the Main driver of fornication and Adultery. He has come to lay the Axe at the root of the problem of fornication and Adultery.  So Jesus began to tell us about Heart Adultery which is as serious as the Actual act of Adultery itself. 
Whoever Looks after a woman to lust after Her has already committed Adultery with Her in His Heart: The first step towards committing Heart Adultery is what we see and Look. Our eyes is the contact point of Adultery in the Heart. We must be very careful of what we set our eyes upon. There is nothing wrong in Looking at a Woman but it becomes wrong when the reason for Looking at a Woman is to lust after Her and start imagining how it would be to have her. Each time we Look at a woman, the question we should ask ourselves as Men is “Why am I Looking at Her? Is it to Lust after Her or to Edify Her?” There is a need for us to make a Covenant with our eyes never to lust after a Woman(Job 31:1). We must be careful not to desire something the Lord has not given to us. We must see a woman that is not ours as a forbidden fruits which the Lord has said “Thou shall not eat” The saddest thing about Lusting is that one gets to a stage where the eyes becomes Full of Adultery (2 Peter 2:14) and cannot stop Lusting. And a godly woman can easily see Adultery in the eyes of a Man From the way He speaks and the way He looks, Adultery can become so obvious in a man’s eye. Let us therefore be very careful lest we get to this stage where Our eyes becomes Full of Adultery and cannot but sinning. 
Lusting is not a Sin peculiar only to men, in fact, there are women who Lust after men also just like Potiphar’s wife, who was always casting Longing eyes on Joseph(Genesis 39:7).  And we live in a time when women dress in such a way with the aim of getting men to lust after them. Our sisters should always be careful in their dressing pattern so as not to cause men to Lust. We should learn to be our brothers keeper and to always ask ourselves “Why am I dressing Like this? Will it cause men to lust after Me?” 
To show the seriousness of Lusting, Jesus says “if it is your eyes that causes You to Sin, cut it off”. Lusting should not be taken for granted. It can take you to Hell. It is so serious that Jesus says “pluck your eyes away!!” For it is better to lose your eyes than for the whole body be thrown to Hell. It is a good thing to warn people of the seriousness of Sins particularly in the Sexual area. We must warn them by telling people about Hell fire. Jesus spoke concerning people being cast into Hell and the more we become like Jesus, the more we will warn people about Hell. It is a false Love that fails to tell people about the seriousness of Lusting and Hell. The second time Jesus spoke about Hell is in relation to Lusting. So if You think Lusting is not as serious as fornication, You are on your own o!! 
If Your Right Hands cause you to Sin, cut it off!!  I was wondering How Hand can cause one to Sin in relation to Lusting. If Jesus had stopped at Only Eyes, I would have said no problem. But He goes ahead to talk about Hand causing one to Sin in Relation to Sexual Sins. I perceive the Lord was talking about “Masturbation” Jesus was so Holy that no corrupt words came out of His mouth so I sensed instead of saying Masturbation, He said “If Your Hands cause You to Sin in Sexual area” The more we become Like Jesus, the More we will be careful that no corrupt words proceeds from our mouth( Ephesians 4:29). There are Lot of Believers who are Slave to Masturbation and pornography. Even I have met people who say it is not a Sin!!! Can You imagine Jesus sitting in the same room with you when You watch and do that? Don’t believe the Lie of the Devil. If it is your phone or excess Megabytes that is causing You to Sin, Cut it off!!! Don’t subscribe again!!! I know you will not Dare to go and buy it in the Market (I hope so), but Internet can easily link you up. It can lead you to Hell. Believe the Words of Jesus ” Sin with the eyes and your Hands can lead You to Hell” it is our duty to warn You, It is our prayers that You respond. Adultery in the Heart alone is enough to take anyone to Hell. He who has ears, Let Him Hear!!! 
Dear Friend, Why do you look at a Woman? What is your reaction when You see an improperly dressed woman working before You? Do you Lust after Her? Do you desire to have Her? The First Look is Temptation, turn Your eyes away and don’t be drawn to Look again!!! If possible Run ahead of Her and let her stay behind You instead!!! Lusting is a serious Sin that can take You to Hell. Flee from every appearance of it, don’t justify yourself with the saying “I am only admiring the Beauty of God’s Creation” Sin is very deceptive. Call Lusting By its real name which is Adultery. If it is Your phone that cause You to click on those dirty Link, Cast it off!!! If it is your friends that causes You to Lust after a Woman, Cut away from them!! If it is a friend that dress in an improper way always to cause you to Sin, Stop your friendship with them. Hell is real my brother, Jesus mentioned it twice in relation to this Sin. If you will not fear God, at least fear Hell. This is a very High Standard. But His Grace is sufficient for Us. If we Humble ourselves and truly desire to be an overcomer in this area, He will give us Grace. But if You say it is not possible to stop Lusting like some do, then just say “God is wicked for giving Man impossible commands to Keep!!! ” But we know that our God is a Good God who will never allow us to be tempted beyond our abilities. Come there Friend to the throne of Grace to find help in time of need. God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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