Day 033- The seriousness of Anger!!! 

The Seriousness of Anger!!! 
You have heard that it was said to those of Old ‘You shall not Murder’ But I say to You that Whoever is Angry with His Brother shall be in Danger of the Judgement. And whoever says to His Brother, “Raca!” shall be in Danger of the Council. But whoever says,  “You Fool!” shall be in danger of Hell fire. Therefore, if You bring your gifts to the altar, and there remember that Your Brother has something against You, leave Your gifts there before the altar and go your way. First be reconciled to your Brother and then come and offer your gifts. Agree with your Adversary quickly, while You are on the Way with Him, lest He deliver You to the Judge and then the Judge hand you over to the officer and you thrown into prison. Surely I say to You, You will by no means get out of there till you have paid the last penny….. Matthew 5:21-26
From these verses downwards, Jesus expands on what He meant by our Righteousness Exceeding the Righteousness of the Scribes and the Pharisees. He began to tell His Disciples the Kind of Righteousness He has come to establish. In the old testament, what God judged was their external actions, but now Jesus goes down to the Inner attitudes. It is the wrong attitude that we have that leads to wrong actions. Jesus has come to deal with the Root of the Problem. Now is the Axe laid at the root of the Trees (Matt 3:10).
The First Wrong attitude Jesus talked about is Anger. And it is also significant to note that the First time Jesus spoke about Hell fire was in relation to Anger. So if we think Anger is not serious but Just a Weakness, I will advise us to open our Heart to what Jesus has to say in these verses.
In the Old testament, what God commanded was “Thou shall not Murder(Exodus 20:13)” Because of the Hardness of the Heart of Man, But Here we see Jesus going to the Root Problem which is Anger. Anger the the First step to Murder. If You don’t have Anger in your Heart, then You can’t think of Murdering Someone. So now, Whoever gets Angry, whether a Believer or not, Younger or old. Whoever gets Angry with His Brother is in Danger of Facing Judgement. And if Anger resides in the Heart, the Fruit shows in our speech leading us further down into Sin of calling the Person “Raca” which means: worthless and useless being!!! Yet, the way of Sin leads further downwards, Anger in the Heart makes Us address people as “Fools” If we don’t overcome Anger in our Hearts, it will lead us down deeper in to Sin. It will bring us into Judgement, it will bring us into queries and may finally lead us to Hell fire. It is so Crystal clear to me from these verses that Anger is a Serious Sin. The New testament Standard is “Put away ALL Anger(Colossians 3:8, Ephesians 4:31). 
I know some people will be quick to Justify their Anger with a Command in the New Testament which says” Be Angry but do not Sin(Ephesians 4:26). I won’t be surprised if the Devil whispers this verse to You to justify Your Anger, He also quoted a promise to Jesus to lead Him astray. My Question is Which Anger is not a Sinful Anger? Which Anger are we permitted to Have as a  New Covenant Believer? Whenever You come to a verse in the Bible that is difficult to Explain, the Best Explanation is to Look at the Life of Jesus because He is the Word that became Flesh. He is the Visible Expression of God’s Word. Jesus was the Only Man who Walked on Earth as a Man without Sin. So it is by Looking at Him that We will discover Which Anger is not a Sin. It was written about Jesus that He was Angry twice in the Bible. One was in (Mark 3:5), when He wanted to Heal a Man who had a withered hand but the Pharisees wanted to prevent Him because it was a Sabbath day. And the Second was in John 2:15 when He made a whip and drove out those who buy and sell in the Temple of God. So we see that the only Anger that is not Sinful is when it has to do with maintaining the purity of the Church from the Corruption of those who have seen godliness as a means of making gain. And when it has to do with setting people free from religious bondage that has kept them in a terrible condition for years. But when they insulted and accused Jesus falsely, He never got Angry. This is the Jesus we are called to Follow. And the more we become Like Him, the more we will be Angry at the things that got Him angry. Shame on us when we fail to be Angry when We see Preachers making Money in the name of Religion and when we see people being kept under bondage by some religious rules. This is when we should be angry!!! Not when we are insulted or cheated. 
So when we come to the Place of Worship whether at Home or where the Church meets. When we want to sing praise and shout Halleluyah, when we want to put an offering into the Box, it is good to always examine ourselves to see if someone has something against us because of our wrong attitude towards him or her. Any spiritual activities we engage ourselves in while our brethren has something against us is unacceptable by God. Jesus instruction is “Leave it there!!! Don’t offer your Praise and worship to God when you have a bad conscience towards Your brother!!! God will not accept it. First be Reconcile to your Brother!!! First settle the Disagreement You have with Him. Then come and offer your Spiritual duty.” How I wish on our offering boxes it would be written “First be Reconcile to Your brother”. How I wish people would believe that All they do is unacceptable to God if they are Angry with anyone. Let us fear lest Anger breaks our communion with God. 
Dear Friend,  Agree with Your conscience now that You are still on the Way. Let Your Life agree with what God says in His Word while You are still alive. Settle All Anger With Your Brother Quickly. You don’t have to wait until the Sun set. If you mistaken fall into a dirty water, Will you wait until evening before taking your bath? Definitely No!!! Settle with Him now. If not, the Word of God will deliver You to the Judge for Judgement. If we judge ourselves now according to God’s word, we will not be judged when Jesus comes. (1 Corinthians 11:31). So be Quick about making Peace with your Brother and don’t let Anger bring you to judgment before God.  May God give Us the Grace to Overcome Anger in Jesus name.(Amen).God bless you. Have a blessed day.
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