Day 030- The Light of the world!!! 

The Light of the World!!! 
You are the Light of the world. A City that is set on a Hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they Light a Lamp and put it under a basket, but on a Lampstand and it gives Light to All who are in the House. Let Your Light so Shine before Men, that they may see Your good works and glorify Your Father in Heaven…… Matthew 5:14-16 
In these verses, Jesus used another illustration to explain how a True Disciple of Him Looks. Jesus has the habit of Always driving Home his points with simple illustrations. And the more we become Like Jesus, the more we will speak Like Him. 
You are the Light of the World: Jesus once said to His Disciples that “I am the Light of the World, He who follows Me shall not walk in Darkness but Have the Light of Life (John 8:12). But Here we see Jesus calling His Disciples the Light of the World. Combining the two Scriptures, It occurred to me that those who have followed in the Footsteps of Jesus automatically Partake of the Light Jesus had. Those who have behold His glory are being transformed into the same image(2 Corinthians 3:18). Just Like Moses whose Face shone with Glory because He has spent so many days in the presence of God. The only Way to Partake of The Light that Jesus had is to Follow Jesus. If we Follow in His Steps, His Light will Shine in Us and through Us. If we follow his biddings, we would Partake of His nature. 
What is this Light? Is it a Visible Light shinning in our faces? Is it Wealth and prosperity? How are we to Know if we have become the Light of the World? John 1:4 says “In Him was Life, and that Life was the Light of Men” The only thing worth Calling a Light in this Dark Evil World is the Life of Jesus!!! It was written about Jesus in Matthew 4:16 that “The People who sat in Darkness has Seen a Great Light” It is as this Life of Jesus possess us that we become the Light of the World. If we open ourselves to the Holy Spirit as He shows us the Life of Jesus, we can also be turned into the Light of the World. 
What is important about Light is not the Quantity but the Quality Just like the Salt. We can have a Big bulb with Just 60watt strength and Have a Smaller bulb with 200watt. The small bulb will Lighten a room brighter than the Big bulb. The Qualities of Believers differs because not All believers are Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus. Most Believers claim to be the Light of the World, yet the Quality of their Light is too Low to drive Darkness away. The more we Partake of the Life of Jesus, the More our Light becomes Brighter. The more we walk as Jesus walked, the more our paths shines ever brighter(Proverbs 4:18). 
The effects of Becoming a Light in this Dark World is that We become Like a City set on a Hill that cannot be hidden. The Characters of Christ that we have Partaken of makes Us an object to Behold. Some will admire, commend and imitate to be like us while some will envy, hate and always look for our mistakes. To some we are the Aroma of Life while to others, we are the Aroma of Death(2 Corinthians 2:16). 
We are not to put our Light under a Basket. We are not to hide the Fact that we are True Disciples of Jesus Christ in our Place of Work. We are not to hide our testimonies about Jesus because we are afraid of not being promoted at place of Work. We are to Let our Light be Visible!!! Put it on the Lampstand. Let it shine!!! Display the Life of Jesus in the Proper place and proper way and it will give Light to All those in the House. You don’t have to go around preaching to everyone in Your place of work. Put the Light on the Lampstand!!! There is an attraction about the Lifestyle of Jesus. It will attract people to You and as they come to You, Cast Your net and catch some Fishes. Just follow in the Footsteps of Jesus in Your workplace and He will make You Fishers of Men (Matthew 4:19)
Those around us must not only hear our good words but they must see our good works that backs up our words. What they see about our works must convince them of the true nature of our religion. It must be said about us that “we went about doing good” just like Jesus (Acts 10:38). All our good works must be done with the end result of giving glory to God and not to us. “Let them see your good works, that they may see the power of God’s grace in you, and may thank Him for it and give Him the glory of it, who has given such power unto men.’’ 
Dear Friend, It is God’s will that You become the Light of the World. Are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to walk as Children of the Light(Ephesians 5:8)? You must open every areas of your Life to Jesus. You must allow Jesus to enter every rooms in Your Life. The rooms of what You read, what You speak, how you spend your time, money and energy must be opened to the Lord. This is the way to increase in your brightness as a Light. Be prepared for persecution, some will rejoice at Your Light, others will be troubled by it because Your Life expose their Darkness. Don’t hide Your testimonies about the Lord Jesus Christ. Let the Light the Lord has given You shine. Let people see what the Grace of God has done in You and through You so that they may Join You in glorifying our Father in Heaven. God bless you (Amen). Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus.


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