Day 029- The Salt of the Earth!!! 

The Salt of the Earth!!! 
You are the Salt of the Earth, but if the Salt loses its flavor, How shall it be seasoned? It is then good for Nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by Men. 
In our previous studies(Matt 5:3-12), We have seen Eight Characters of a True Disciple of Jesus Christ. All those who seek to Follow in the Footsteps of Jesus must be Poor in Spirit, Must mourn for Sins, must be Meek, Must Hunger and thirst for Righteousness, must be Merciful and seek to be pure in Heart, must be a Peace Maker and Must rejoice in time of persecution. 
If we have these eight Characters in our Lives, then We are the Salt of the Earth. If we claim to be the Salt of the Earth and do not possess this virtues in our lives, we are only deceiving ourselves. As far as Jesus is concerned, Believers who do not have these qualities are “Good for Nothing” 
The most important thing about Salt is not the Quantity but the Quality. A bag full of Salt that has lost its taste is Useless. As Believers, we cannot influence the world by our numbers but instead by the Quality of our lives. We can impress the World with numbers but we cannot change the world by our numbers. There are many Christians on Earth but our quality of Life is Low. We glory in our numbers but we have failed to mourn at the condition of our lives. Churches rejoice and keep records as they increase in size and population but the quality of lives of those who meet together there is nothing to write home about. This should not be so!!! It is quality that the Lord Looks for. If the Lord wanted Quantity, He would have made the Gate that leads to Life broad so that Many can walk through it. But Jesus said “Narrow is the gate and only few will find it( Matt 7:14)”. The Lord can do more through a Believer that has not Lost His taste than Multitude who has lost their flavor. The Lord can influence the Earth through a Small Church that has Believers with good testimony and character than a Large church that does not value quality of life. Let us therefore pursue what will change and influence the Earth instead of pursuing things that will give us Honour. 
Salt is used for preservation. We are to restrain Evil with our lives and conduct as believers. We cannot drive Evil out of this world. Jesus will do that when He returns in Glory but what we can do is restrain it. For example, When a Christian that has not lost His Flavor enters a place where people are gossiping or saying dirty Jokes, immediately they sight Him or her, they change conversation or they are restrained from continuing in such conversation. Why? Because our mere presence convict them of Sins. But a Believer who has lost its taste cannot restrain Evil. They sight Him and are not convicted. They sight him and Yet they continued in their dirty conversation and even invites Him or Her to contribute in it and foolishly He or she sits there laughing over their conversation. How will such a Believer influence the Earth? How will such a Believer draw people to the Lord? Such a person has Lost its taste!!! If Such a  person claims to be a Believer, let He or she knows that “He is good for Nothing!!!” Our Lives and Conduct Must convict people of Sin. We are not to go around pointing out the Sins of people like the Devil who is an accuser of the brethren. But when people see the way we conducted ourselves in all Godliness, they must see their own need. I remember the Story of Zacchaeus, Jesus never said anything to Him about restitution or that He has cheated people to acquire His wealth. But immediately Jesus entered Zacchaeus House, He was convicted of His Sins and decided to make amendment(Luke 19:8). This is exactly how our lives should be to those whom we come into contact with. Let us therefore be diligent to preserve the flavor of our Lives.
The consequences of losing our taste is very serious. Even Jesus was asking “How shall it be seasoned again?” If we have lost our testimonies and qualities as a Believer, How can we get it back? If the Foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” This is why be must be very careful because there is absolutely Nothing that can be done!!! Once You lose it, it is gone!!! How will a Preacher who falls into Fornication continue to Lead the people of God? How will a Believer who has divorced His wife be an Example to others? How can such a Believer influence others for the Lord? Even if such a Believer repents, those whom He ministers to have a doubt in their Hearts because of His bad testimony. Men will trample over whatever He says. People will have no respect for His Words. He becomes Like a Joker to them. Just Like Lot trying to preach to His Sons-in-law at Sodom (Genesis 19:14). All His sermons to them were not taken seriously because they knew He came to Sodom because He wanted more Money. He had lost his quality as a Believer before them. If we still want to be relevant and preserve people for the coming of the Lord in this wicked world, then We must be careful never to lose the Flavor of our lives before God and Man. We must have a Pure testimony that backs up whatever we proclaim. 
Dear Friend, You are the Salt of the Earth, but I hope You have not lost Your taste? Always remember that God does not look at Quantity but Quality. It takes a little Salt to sweeten a food. If You lose Your flavor, I don’t know how you will get it back! Jesus says Such a person becomes “Good for Nothing”. I don’t want the Lord to ever say to Me when I see Him that “I am Good for Nothing” Therefore I beg You, Have Salt in Yourself(Mark 9:50). Let Your speech always be seasoned with rich Salt and walk in wisdom towards those unbelievers around You(Colossians 4:5-6). Don’t ever give an opportunity for people to trample over Your Life. There is a Dignity about the People of God!!! May the Grace of God keeps us from losing our taste in Jesus name(Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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