Day 027- The Pure Hearted and Peace Maker!!! 

The Pure Hearted and The Peace maker. 
Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they shall see God. Blessed are the peace maker, for they shall be called the Sons of God…. Matthew 5:8-9 
These verses talks about the sixth and the seventh Character of those Living with eternity in view. And if we claim to be Heavenly in Nature, these characters must be found in us.
In the Old testament, there was no one that was pure in Heart. The Heart of Man was too strong. Even God could not write on it. Stone was softer than Man’s Heart so God had to write the Ten commandments on Stone. But the New Covenant has brought something better. What the Law could not do, Christ did!!! The Law could not make people pure in their hearts but God has taken the heart of stones away from those who responded to Him and He has written His Laws upon their Hearts and Minds (Hebrews 8:10). 
The Pure in Heart are those who have kept themselves from every Sin that seeks to corrupt or pollute them. They are so careful with what they Hear, See, and say. They are those who see Sin as the greatest defilement.
 Being pure in Heart is even far greater than just keeping ourselves pure from ALL known conscious Sins. It is greater than Just avoiding bad things. We can avoid ALL conscious Sin but yet still have an impure heart. A Pure Heart is a Heart that desires Nothing apart from God. It is a Heart that has no other ambition but to please God. Those that are pure in Heart don’t want to have anything of this World and Mansion in Heaven. They are those that can Honestly say to God “Whom have I in Heaven but You? And there is none upon Earth that I desire besides You (Psalm 73:25)” which simply means saying to God that “When I get to Heaven, I don’t want anything!!! I don’t want any Honour or Seats. I just want You!!! Just You!! And now that I am here on Earth, I desire Nothing but You!!” The moment we start seeking for God plus other things attached to it, then we have not yet attained the purity of Heart that the Lord requires of us. 
Those who are pure in Heart gets the benefit of Seeing God. This is amazing!!! They see God in Everything they do. Every area they turn, they see God. Everything  that Happens to them, either bad or Good shows them God. The Pure in Heart are the only  group of people who truly believes that ALL things works together for good(Romans 8:28) because they see God at work. Jesus was so pure in Heart that when He saw Judas betraying Him, He said ” It is the Father’s Cup that He needs to drink” But Peter that was not as pure as Jesus saw Judas as an Enemy so He brought out His swords(John 18:10-11). The more our Hearts become purer Like that of Jesus, the more we will see God at work when We see our enemies. Let us therefore Press on towards perfection in ensuring that Our Hearts becomes purer and purer each day. 
The seventh Character of a True Disciple of the Lord is to be a Peace maker. We must have a testimony that No one can pick up a quarrel with Us. It takes two people to start a quarrel, if one party decides to keep quiet in the moment of  disagreement, there will never be a quarrel. A True Disciple of the Lord must always be the one to keep quiet. If Possible As far as it depends on us, we must be at peace with everyone(Romans 12:18).Even if others don’t want to be at peace with Us, on our side, as far as possible, We must be at peace with them. We are to pursue peace and run after it with All men without which no one will see the Lord (Hebrews 12:14). The more spiritual we become, the more we are quick to make peace with others. After Adam Sinned, God took the first step to Look for Him. While we were still Sinners, Christ died for us. Jesus took the first step to make peace between Man and God. If we walk in this way in our relationship with people, we can be sure that the God of peace will crush Satan under our feet (Romans 16:20)
Making peace is the character that Shows that we are the Sons of God. One way to show forth our Glory as the Sons of God is by making peace just as Our Father is making peace with ALL men through Jesus Christ. This is how we become the Light in this dark world, where we do not Fight or quarrel over anything of this World. Let us therefore become more Like our Father in this business of Making peace. 
Dear Friend, it is a Blessed thing to be pure in Heart. There is Joy and Happiness in the eyes of those who are pure in Heart. Those who have kept their Heart pure enjoy sweet and unbroken Fellowship with God. Therefore, Guide Your Heart with All diligence for out of it, Flows the issues of Life. Throw away All the idols of ambition, Greatness and popularity and focus only on Jesus. And I can assure You that You will see God in Everything you do. You will see God working everything for your Good. Be a peace maker. It must never be heard of us that we picked up a fight or quarrel with anyone. We must always be at peace as far as possible as it depends on us. This is what others must see and say “Indeed, These are the Sons of God” May the Grace of God be sufficient to empower us in Jesus name (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus


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