Day 026 – The Hungry and The Merciful. 

The Hungry and The Merciful. 
Blessed are those Who Hunger and thirst for Righteousness, for they Shall be Filled. Blessed are the Merciful, for they shall obtain mercy….. Matthew 5:6-7. 
These verses talks about the Fourth and Fifth Character of those who are Living with eternity in view. 
Hunger and thirst is a natural desire of the Body that needs to be satisfied. There is no human on Earth who has no Hunger and thirst for a particular thing or the other. There are many people who Hunger and thirst to become a well known business tycoon. Some to become a very Wealthy personality. Some Hunger and thirst to become the Best in their class, to become the best in their Vocations. They would Labour and  spend many hours brainstorming on how to satisfy their Hunger and Thirst. And after Many years, they really do acquire what they Laboured for. But Guess what? There is no blessedness in ALL these!!! From the Earthly View point, they may refer to You as being Blessed but From Heaven’s standpoint, All these that men esteem highly is abomination before Him( Luke 16:15). 
Those whom the Lord called Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness!!! Those who are truly blessed are those Who desire and pursue after Righteousness. We are to Hunger and thirst to be righteous in every aspect of our lives. In the way we acquire and spend our money, in the way we Look and converse with the opposite Sex, in the way we use our tongue, ears and our eyes, in all ways, we must pursue Righteousness!!! If only we had Hunger and thirst for Righteousness the same way We Hunger and thirst to become a wealthy personality, think of how wonderful and glorious our lives would have been by now!!! We have spent many sleepless night brainstorming and reading to pass an Examination, think of How Heavenly our lives would have become if it was spent asking God to make us more Righteousness!!! Oh, See how much we have missed because We did not Hunger and thirst for what Heaven Values.
Those who do not Hunger and thirst for Righteousness are never Filled. They are never satisfied!!! Whatever they got from their Labour vanish away and lose value so soon. Those that Ran after Money, knowledge and certificates will always want more and More. What they got never satisfy their Hunger and thirst. There is a Space in Man’s Heart that will never be satisfied unless God comes to Fill it up with His presence. Those who Hunger and thirst for Jesus Christ who is Our Righteousness will be filled. For Jesus serves the bread that quenches All Hunger(John 6:35) and the water that satisfy All thirst(John 4:14). Do you want to be Filled with Righteousness, then Hunger and thirst for it!!! Empty Yourself of every Other desires and Come to the Lord Hungry and thirsty for Righteousness.
The fifth Character of a New Covenant Believer is being Merciful. Showing compassion to others. Always seeking to Help those who are in need. Generally, Man is so hard heartened. But if we have really tasted the True Grace of God, we become soft in our heart towards people. Several times in the Gospels, we read that Jesus was moved with compassion. And the more we become like Jesus, the more we will have compassion and mercy on others. All our boasting in the Lord was because He showed us mercy. We would never have become of the partakers of God’s Blessings, if Jesus never had mercy on Us.
Those who are Merciful will also receive Mercy from the Lord. God will be compassionate towards those who have looked upon others with compassion. Those who have failed to be Merciful will not receive Mercy. Permit me to ask you “Can anyone who have not received mercy from the Lord make it to Heaven?” Definitely No!!! This is why we must fear lest we forfeit the mercies of the Lord. You remember the story of the unforgiving servant, Despite His Master forgave Him so much yet He did not show compassion on His fellow servant who owed Him so little. I guess You remembered what happened to Him, The master recalled all the debts He was once forgiven. This is to tell us that God can recall the Sins He once forgave Us because we failed to show mercy on others. Let us therefore fear, lest All the Sins we were forgiven be recalled. 
Dear Friend, Check Your Hunger and thirst, what is it set on? Is it on Righteousness? Is it to become more Godly? When last have you honestly ask the Lord to make You more godly? What You always pray for is an indication of what you Hunger and thirst for!!! Jesus is still crying out today saying “If Anyone thirst, Let Him Come to Me and Drink and out of His Heart shall flow Rivers of Living Waters” Show mercy to others and be compassionate to those who have wronged You. So You can be sure that All your Sins will not be brought to remembrance. May the Lord give us Grace to do these in Jesus name. God bless you. Have a blessed day. 

#Everyday with Jesus.


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