Day 025- The Mourners and The Meek!!! 

The Mourners and The Meek!!!
Blessed are those Who mourn for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the Meek for they Shall inherit the Earth….. Matthew 5:4-5
The Second Character of those who choose to walk in the footsteps of Jesus is Mourning. Is there anything Blessed in Mourning? God’s way is different from Man’s way. Man Would have said “Blessed are those who merry” but We see Jesus saying those that are actually blessed are the Mourners. So what should we Mourn about? What is that thing that should cause us Sorrow as a Child of God? 

We are to mourn for Sin!! Each time we see how we have dishonored the Lord in our lives, Each time we discover how we have Fallen short of what we could have become for God. Each time we see how Unchrist-Like we are, It should lead us into Mourning and sorrow. 

There is a godly Sorrow that produces Repentance leading to Salvation but there is another Sorrow called Sorrow of the world that leads to Death(2 Corinthians 7:10-11). Mourning for the Sins we see in our lives will lead us to Repentance. But Mourning because somebody Cheated us, Disappointed Us, insulted Us or refuse to Help us will lead us to Spiritual Death. The Only thing that should take away our Joy is Sin. I remember when Jesus was on His way to Calvary with the Cross, Some women started Crying as they Followed Him but He turned around and said to them” Don’t weep for Me, but Weep for Yourself(Luke 23:27-28)” I perceived Jesus was saying” Doing the Father’s Will may be Painful, but I didn’t lose My Joy inside. So Don’t weep for Me!!! If you want to Weep, Weep for Yourself because You are living in Sin and not doing the Father’s will”. So we are Only to Mourn for Sin we see in our lives. 

After Mourning for our Sins, We can advance to a Higher Level of Mourning for the Sins we see in others just like the way Jesus lamented and wept over Jerusalem condition(Matt 23:37). It would be hypocrisy Mourning for the Sins of others but refuse to Mourn for our own Sin.
If God sees that we mourn for Sin, He will comfort and strengthen us to overcome. If He sees our sorrows each time we Sin, He will give us power to overcome next time. Why most of Us have not gotten victory over some Sins is because We didn’t mourn about the Sins. We have seen the blood of Jesus so cheap and easily available that we see no reason to Mourn. And that is exactly why we keep coming back again and again for forgiveness over the same Sin because we don’t Value the blood of Christ. Therefore My Brothers and Sisters, Let Us Mourn over our sin and we can be sure that God will Comfort Us.
The Third character of a Heavenly Christian is Meekness. As Children of God, we are to be quiet and gentle. Our gentleness must be known to All men(Titus 3:2). We must submit ourselves to God and the authorities that God has placed over us. We must have a testimony that No one can provoke Us. We must respond provocation with soft answer. We must be like Jesus who when He was abused, He did not abuse in return, When He suffered, He did not threaten but instead, we must commit ourselves to God who judges righteously(1 Peter 2:21-23). We are to learn Meekness from Jesus(Matt 11:29). We are never to fight for anything even if we feel we are 100%correct. We must always commit Everything into God’s hands and guidance. We must always act like Abraham who Allowed Lot to pick first and be content with our own Lots in Life. We are never to be found complaining or grumbling over anything.
The Blessing of Meekness is that we Shall inherit the Earth. All the things we never fought for will finally becomes ours. The Land Abraham did not fight for was finally given to Him by God. If we remain Gentle and Meek, we will discover that God will honour Us. The things we gave up Just to maintain peace with Men will finally come up us if we are patient. If we play our part, God will play His part. If we remain Meek, God will give us the Earth as an inheritance. We will live to fulfill our days on Earth. Nothing we cut us short of it. And if God will give us the Earth as an inheritance, Will He deny us a Mansion in Heaven? Impossible!!!
So Dear Friend, Mourn for Sins!! Don’t stop mourning until the Lord Comforts You and give you strength to Overcome. Stop mourning for Useless things that leads to Spiritual Death, instead mourn that You are still far away from Christ-Likeness!!! Be an overcomer and start mourning for others Sins also. Let the Meekness of Christ be seen always in Your conduct, and the things of Earth You never fought for will be Handed to You by Your Father!!!! This is the God I Serve. May God give Us the Spirit of mourning and Meekness (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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