Day 024 – The Beatitudes!!! 

The Beatitudes!! 
And seeing the Multitude, He went up on a Mountain, and when He had seated, His Disciples came to Him, then He opened His mouth and taught them, saying” Blessed are the Poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven……..Matthew 5:1-3
This Chapter is the beginning of the Most Popular and Longest sermon of Jesus. These verses describes the Heavenly Lifestyle Expected of those who have come to the Lord. Here we also see a great difference between the Old Covenant Life and the New Covenant Life. Consider these: The Law of Moses(Old Covenant) was given on a Mountain(Sinai), Jesus also gave these New Covenant Laws on a Mountain. When the Law was given in the Old Covenant, there was Thundering and Lightening and the whole mountain was filled with Darkness but Here, We have a Clear Light and a Clea Voice, Nothing to scare us away. People were warned not to come close to the mountain in the old Covenant lest they Die, But here, people were invited to Draw Nearer to Christ. The New Covenant Lifestyle described Here is a Wonderful Life. It is far far glorious than what Moses got. But the Sad thing is that, Only Few Churches preach from Matthew 5, 6 and 7. And the reason is that the Lifestyle described Here is So High that It takes Discipline and being Filled with the Holy Spirit to come to this Level of Life.
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit. Who are the Poor in Spirit? How do we become Poor in Spirit?. A person who is poor in Spirit is a person who is aware of His Spiritual needs. He is aware of His Spiritual poverty. Just like a poor man goes knocking on doors of the rich asking for alms, a person that is poor in Spirit goes knocking on God’s door asking for Help. He leans totally on God’s Help to Live His Daily Life. He is always coming to God in prayer Daily asking for Grace to live each day because He recognize His Spiritual Weakness. God’s plan for Man from the Beginning of Creation was that Man should live in constant dependence upon Him. He told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil because He wanted them to Always come to Him to know what is Good and Evil. The Moment they ate from the Tree, they knew nakedness was not good on their own. The Tree made them self-sufficient. The Tree made them independent of God. This is not God’s plan for Man!!! God expects Us to always Come to Him Daily for Strength. The Day we think We know what is Good by ourselves, then it means We are not aware of our Spiritual Poverty. It takes Humility to go to God Daily asking for Spiritual Strength to Live Each Day in Victory over Sin. Only those who are Poor in Spirit pray to God.
Blessed are those whom the Lord finds depending on Him like this!!! Happy are those who come to God Daily begging for Grace. The Happiest People on Earth are those who Live their Lives in Total Dependence upon God. Jesus was the Happiest Man who ever walked on Earth because He lived in Continuous Dependence on God. 
Reward of being Poor in Spirit is that the Whole Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them. Being Poor in Spirit is the Key to the Whole Kingdom of Heaven. Recognising Our Spiritual needs and Poverty will always keep us Humble. And as Long as we Humble ourselves, we can be sure that God will exalt Us. The reason why Jesus got the Highest Place in Heaven was because He Humbled Himself as a Man(Philippians 2:5-9). And If God the Father Finds any other Man who Humbles Himself in Total dependence  upon Him, then we can be sure that theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. For there is no partiality with God!!! What He did for Jesus, He will do for Us.
Dear Friend, this is the First character of those who have entered the New Covenant. This is the First set of people the Lord called Blessed. Are you poor in Spirit? Do you recognize Your Spiritual poverty? Have you come to the place where You knock on God’s door in prayer each day asking for Strength to overcome Sin? Have you learnt to continually depend on God for Instructions? Can You sincerely say to the Lord that “Without You I can do nothing!!!?”  Empty Yourself!!! Don’t come short of what God has for You. Humble Yourself, Recognise Your Weakness. Lean upon Him and the Kingdom of Heaven will be Yours. All the Life of Righteousness, Peace and Joy of the Holy Spirit will be Yours. 

May the Lord Help us to always see our spiritual needs and poverty in Jesus name(Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus

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