Day 023 – The Multitude and His Disciples!!! 

And Jesus went about All Galilee, teaching in their Synagogue, Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and Healing all kinds of Sickness… Then His Fame went throughout all Syria and they brought to Him All sick people…. and He healed them. Great Multitudes Followed Him from Galilee….. And seeing the Multitude, He went up on a Mountain, and when He was seated, His Disciples came to Him…. Matthew 4:23-25, 5:1.
Having being Baptized by the Holy Spirit and empowered with the Gifts we see Jesus going around doing good to people. Don’t ever ask God for power from Heaven if You are not interested in Helping others. Don’t ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit if You don’t want to be a blessing to other Souls. God’s promise is that “I will bless You and You will be a blessing(Gen 12:5). Why should God anoint You if You don’t want to go around to be a blessing to people? 
Jesus went about All Galilee. Jesus did not just sit in a place expecting people to Come to Him, rather, He went to them!!! When Adam Sinned, It was God who came seeking for Him in the garden saying “Where are You Adam?” Jesus always takes the First step towards Us. We Love Him Only because He first Loves Us. We did not choose Him, He was the One who chose Us. Jesus came to Serve Us. So the more we become like Jesus, the More we become a Servant to the people of God. The more we become Like Jesus, the More we approach those who need our help even if they refuse to come to Us. 
Jesus went about Teaching and preaching the Kingdom of Heaven. He didn’t go about joking, playing or discussing politics. He didn’t go around preaching Prosperity, Healing and Kingdom of this World. He preached “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand” He told people to change their attitude to Sins. He taught people How to live a Life of Righteousness, Peace and Joy. He preached Heavenly things. Oh, How did Today’s Christianity turned away from this? Jesus PREACHED the Kingdom of Heaven and HEALED people. Today’s Christianity PREACHED Kingdom of Earth and HEALED none. Jesus still Heals today but there are Many of God’s Children who are physically Sick today but God in His Wisdom did not Heal them But He gives them Grace Like Paul when He was terribly Sick(2 Corinthians 12:7-9). This is to teach us that God is more interested in our Eternal Glory than our Earthly comfort. So Jesus preach Kingdom of Heaven and out of His Love and goodness, He Heals them. Hoping that His goodness towards them will lead them to Repentance(Romans 2:4). Has the Lord healed You? Has He given You prosperity? It is to Lead You to Repent and think of Heavenly things.
Great Multitudes Followed Jesus. Some out of Curiosity, Some as mere spectators, Some because He Healed them, Some because He fed them. There are many who followed the Lord today for different reasons, But Permit Me to ask You, “Why are You following the Lord?” Is it because You want to Be Saved From Sins? Is it because You want to Live a Life of Righteousness before God and Man? Is it because You want to Live in peace with God and those around You? Is it because You want a Life Filled with Joy of the Holy Spirit? Are you among the Multitude who Follow Him because of the Bread and Healing? Let us therefore Always ask ourselves “Why am I following the Lord?”
When Jesus saw the Multitudes, He did something very Significant!!! He went up on a Mountain and Only His Disciples came to Him!!!. Among the Multitude who followed Jesus, He is always interested in Making them Disciples. And the Only Way to do it is by raising the Standard of Life Expected Of them. He went up to the Mountain and Seated, waiting for those who are willing to Come up to His Level. Only those who will take the pain and stress of Climbing Up to the Mountains to the Level of Christ are called His Disciples. The Multitude stayed at the bottom of the mountain Expecting Jesus to come down to their Level. But His Disciples climb up to Him. Are You His Disciple or among the Multitude? He is not going to reduce His Standard because of You. Come up Higher. Take the pain, Climb up the Mountain to Him!!! He is seated Waiting for You to Climb. Don’t keep Him waiting. 
Dear Friend, Let us learn from Jesus who after He was anointed, He went about doing good. Let us talk about the Kingdom of Heaven more than anything. Jesus still Heals today, but don’t be satisfied with physical Healing that does not lead You to seeking Heavenly things. When You get to Heaven, You will discover that Majority that were Healed by the Lord ended in Hell fire because they never allowed the goodness of God to lead them to Repentance. Come up Higher my Friend!!! Don’t stay at the Level of the Multitude. Become a Disciple!!! Count the Cost!!! When others are sitting at the bottom of the mountain, take the pain and Climb up to meet the Lord at His Level. May God’s Grace separate Us from the Multitude and Make Us Disciples indeed in Jesus name (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus


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