Day – 022  Fishers of Men!!! 

And Jesus walking by the Sea of Galilee saw two Brothers… Peter and Andrew casting a net into the Sea for they were Fishermen. Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will Make You Fishers of Men”, they Immediately Left their nets and Followed Him. Going from there, He saw Two other Brothers, James and John with their Father mending their nets, He called them, and immediately they Left their boats and their Father and Followed Him…. Matthew 4:18-22. 
In these verses we see Jesus selecting His Disciples and How they responded to His Call. We can learn from these because God’s will in the Great Commission is to make very one who comes to the Lord as a Disciple not Just a mere Convert(Matt 28:19). 
Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee. He did not go to the Temple where the Teachers of the Laws could be found, neither did He go to Herod’s Palace to find those who are well learned. He went to the Sea where uneducated Fishermen earn their Living. Indeed, God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the Wise, He has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are Mighty(1 Corinthians 1:26-28). Jesus is still the same as the time of Old. He has Chosen those who never went to a Bible College and those who never went for any ministry training and has committed Great things into their Hands. I am not against Bible College or Ministry Training. But I wish they would teach them more about Jesus instead of doing courses like Demonology, Psychology, Greek and Latin interpretation and History. You hear them boast so much of their Theological training and certificates and Yet Know Little about Jesus. Indeed, the Lord has skipped them and has chosen those who are unlearned in these things so that they can depend solely on the Him instead of their accumulated Training. So don’t be Discouraged!!! You don’t need a Theological Degree to be used by God. Peter, James and John never had one.
Although they had no Degree, Yet there is a Quality all those who are called to be a Disciple must have. I am sure at that sea of Galilee, there are multitudes of Fishermen there. So I perceive that as Jesus was Walking, He was observing them, Some were gisting, some were sleeping, some were gossiping, some were complaining. But when He saw Peter and Andrew, they were both casting their nets into the sea. When He saw James and John, they were both Mending their nets. The Lord has No need of Lazy People!!! Even if You are poor and weak, that does not guarantee that God will Call You. You must be Hard working and Diligent in your work!!! Don’t Just sit there waiting for God to Call you. Get employed!!! Be Faithful with other man’s business, then the Lord will commit Your own to You. Let us therefore Get busy with Our Job with all Faithfulness and Diligence as we wait for the Call of God. 
Jesus said to them” Follow Me, and I will Make You Fishers of Men” All the Lord ask us to do is to Follow Him. Follow His Example, Follow His Footsteps. Look at the Way He pleased The Father. Look at the way He reacted to His Enemies. Look at the Way He chased out those who made money in the Temple of God. Look at His attitude to Money. It would be impossible to Follow Jesus if He was never like Us. He was tempted at All Points Just Like We are yet without Sin. He now says to Us “Follow Me” Overcome as I overcame!!! 
If We Choose to Follow Jesus in this Way, He gradually Transforms our Lives and He Himself will make us Fishers of Men. People become attracted to Us. The Aroma of Christ that flows from our lives attract others to Us. And as they come, All we need to do is lay down our net for a catch. Evangelism becomes so easy and stress free. All You have to do is Walk in the footsteps of Jesus and You will catch Men. This has been my personal experience for Years.
They Immediately Left their nets,… boats and Father and Followed Him. We must be quick in our response to the Lord when the conviction is still strong. Once You are sure that it is the Lord calling unto You, why should you Delay? Those who will become Great in God’s Hands must respond fast to His callings. We must detach from everything and everyone that seeks to Draw our attention away from the Lord even if it is our Father, Mother, brothers and sisters, Wife, husband and Children) Luke 14:26). We are to Love Jesus More than anyone. We are to obey Jesus irrespective of what they say or feel about Us. These are those whom the Lord chose to become His Disciples!!! 
Dear Friend, the Lord is Calling Unto You. Even if You never went to a Bible School nor Academic training, His Hands is stretched towards You. He wants You to Follow Him. He wants You to Learn from Him. Discipleship is not meant for some special Group of Believers. God’s plan is that All those who come to Him should become a Disciple!!! Be Faithful at Your Place of Work!!! God never calls a Lazy Man. He says to You today “Follow Me” Don’t Delay, Respond Fast before the convictions gets Cold!!! And before you know it, You will also become Fishers of Men into God’s Kingdom. May God help us all (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
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  1. You have to get into the boat and steer it into the sea of humanity in order to catch fish. One doesn’t catch fish sitting and warming a pew on Sunday morning in a building called church.

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