Day – 021. The Beginning of Jesus Ministry!!! 

when Jesus heard that John had been put in Prison, He departed to Galilee. And Leaving Nazareth, He came and dwelt in Capernaum… that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet……… The people who sat in Darkness have seen a great Light and upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death, Light has dawned. From that time, Jesus began to Preach and say “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”…. Matthew 4:12-17. 

This is the Beginning of Jesus Public Ministry. And the First thing God did was to take John the Baptist out of scene so that All eyes can focus on Jesus. It has always been the Will of God that We all Look unto Jesus alone as the Author and finisher of our faith. 
Jesus heard that John was put in Prison: The Lord is always aware of All the sufferings and persecution that His People faced. There is nothing that Happens to Us either Good or bad that the Lord is not aware of. And we can be sure that God makes All things to work out for Good for those who Love God. 
It is interesting to see that Jesus Left Nazareth and started Leaving in Capernaum at this point in time. So it seems to Me that Jesus was Living in Nazareth for about 30years before He started His ministry at 30years of age(Luke 3:23). So the question is “Who were those Jesus was Living with in Nazareth?” His Mother and Brothers of course!!! (Matt 2:23). So I asked “Jesus, are you serious!!!? At 30years You are still living with your parents!!?” And I perceive He was saying to Me “I have to be an Example for those who have no means to rent a House of their own and had to stay with their parents for Long” hmmmmm. Don’t be discouraged if You have no means to rent an apartment of your own yet. Look at Jesus. Humble Yourselves. It must have been very Difficult for Jesus living in the same house with imperfect people but Yet, He Humbled Himself Until God provided a Means.
The Change of Location for Jesus was to fulfill something that was written about Him already. God has a Plan for our lives also. Even an ordinary thing Like change of Apartment can be according to God’s plan if we are interested in seeking His will in all areas of our lives. Anywhere we Go, those who Live a Life of Darkness Must See Us as a Great Light. Our Lives and conduct Must Expose the Sins of others to them. We don’t have to go around Exposing other people’s Sin, but we can live a life whereby those who see us will suddenly get Light on themselves and discover that they are Living in Darkness. The Life of Christ in Us must draw people out of Darkness. We are the Light of the world, Shine Your Light and Let those who sit in Darkness see their terrible condition.
From that time, Jesus began to Preach “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand”: Jesus started by preaching The same Old message of John the Baptist. Oh, Behold the Humility of Christ!!! If I were Jesus, I would have preached Something New and Fresh so that People will say” Wow wow!!! New Rhema!!!” But Jesus Humbled Himself, despite He knew So much concerning Heavenly Things, Yet He chose an Old Message that they have heard  again and again from John the Baptist!!! Let us therefore Humble ourselves, and not seek to Impress people with New High sounding Teachings.
Jesus preached Repentance!! John Preached Repentance!! Peter Preached Repentance!! Paul preached Repentance!! All the Apostles preached Repentance!! Even In Revelation, Jesus preached Repentance again to the Seven Churches!! The Day The Message of Repentance gets missing in Your Life, Then it means You are off track. It means You are assuming You have completely become Like Jesus. Churches that don’t preach Repentance assume that their Members are already perfect Like Christ. We are to press on Towards perfection. We must repent from everything that is not Christ-Like in our lives. This is the Only message that can prepare Us for the Coming of the Heavenly Kingdom of Righteousness, Peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
So Dear Friend, are you in any trouble and persecution like John the Baptist? Don’t give up, the Lord is aware of it. He has heard about it. Trust in the Lord, He will make all things work out for Your Good if You truly Love Him. Don’t be frustrated even if You are still living with your parents and Younger ones at 30years because You don’t have a means yet. Look at Jesus!!! Humble yourself. Let Your Light Shine and draw those who sit in Darkness to Jesus. Don’t ever get tired of hearing the same message of Repentance. As Long as You are not yet perfect Like Jesus, then You need to Repent!!! May the Lord give us Grace as we press on to perfection (Amen). God bless you. 

Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus


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