Day – 020 Worshipping the Devil!!! 

Again, the Devil took Him up to an exceedingly High Mountain and showed Him all the Kingdoms of the world and their glory. And He said to Him “All these things, I will give you if You will fall down and worship me”. And Jesus said to Him “Get behind Me Satan!!! For it is written, ‘You shall Worship the Lord, Your God, and Him Only You shall serve'”Then the Devil left Him… and Angels came and ministered to Him….. Matthew 3:8-11. 
In these verses, we see Jesus being Tempted with the Worse Temptation of All. Have you been Tempted to consciously Worship the Devil? Well, Jesus was. The Holier we become, the greater the Level of Temptation we Face. 
The Devil took Him to an Exceedingly High Mountain so that He could see clearly the Kingdoms of the Earth and their Glory. There are many at times when the Devil leads us to places where He could show us great things of this world in order to tempt Us. All that is in the world are the Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the eyes and the Pride of Life. Anytime you see yourself drawn to pursue things that will satisfy Your Flesh, that Looks pleasant to Your eyes and that will make People consider You great in this Life. Just know that it is the Devil inviting You to come and Sin. So we see the Devil showing Jesus things that appeal to His Eyes, His Flesh and pride in Life. The Devil is called the god of this world. All the Kingdoms of the world has been delivered to Him by Adam’s mistake. He gives it to whomever he wishes ( Luke 4:5-7). So be careful when You see Yourself getting attracted to the Kingdom of this World and their glory. You are getting attracted to something that has been delivered to the Devil for now.
So I perceive the Devil saying to Jesus “I know You have come to the Earth to collect back the Kingdom handed over to Me when Adam made mistake. I can give it back to You easily. You don’t have to Die to collect it. You don’t have to be Crucified to get it back. You can avoid all those insult and shame of Calvary. All You need to do is ‘Just Fall down and Worship me!!!’ Truly, Jesus came to collect what the Devil collected from Man, But God’s way of getting it back is through the Cross. All those who seek the Glory of this world always fall down and worship the Devil in one way or the other. Some Lie to get promoted, Some kill to get position, some fight to get Land, some cheat to get money. If you seek the things that the world Values, whether You know it or not, You will Bow your knees to the Devil One way or the other. A day is coming in the Future when the Kingdom of the World will be completely Handed over to Jesus Christ. But now, we are to seek the Kingdom of Heaven. We are to value what Heaven Values. And the Way to enjoy this Heavenly Glory is to walk the way of the Cross. The way Jesus got the Glory is by enduring the Cross and despising the shame(Hebrews 12:2).No wonder He says to us “Take up Your Cross Daily and follow Me (Luke 9:23)
Jesus replied the Devil “Get behind Me Satan!!!” I perceive the Devil was obstructing Jesus View of Heavenly riches, I sensed the Devil was standing in front of Jesus showing Him pictures of how wonderful it is to have the Kingdom of the World right now” So Jesus shouted at the Devil “Get behind Me!!! Come to My Back!!! Don’t block my View of Heaven.” This should be our attitude to temptation at all times. We must see it as a blockage by Devil to prevent us from seeing Heaven. We must give no chance to the Devil to stay in our front as we journey towards Heaven.
For it is written!!! Jesus always picks His defense from the Bible. Shame on You, if you don’t have time to sit down and study the Scriptures. The Bible is more readily available to Us than in the days of Jesus. Jesus took pain to study the Bible. Remember He was just like us. He didn’t come from Heaven with Bible Knowledge. He had to go to the Temple to either listen carefully, or borrow to read. Because there are only few copies available in the Temple. And only rich people could afford to buy one. But now, it is distributed for free, available on phone in different versions. But Yet too lazy to read. No wonder You find it hard to overcome Temptations. Because You lack Content to keep You Strong!!
Only God deserves to be Worshipped. If You are not a worshipper, You will find it hard to serve God. It is worship before serving. Worship is not just singing. Worship is far deeper than that. Romans 12:1 Says “Our Spiritual worship is when we offer every part of our bodies to Him as a Living Sacrifice(NIV). If You have not offered Your eyes, mouth, ears, hand, legs Heart, brain..  Etc, You will find it difficult to effectively serve the Lord.
So the Devil Left Him and Angels came to Minister to Him. There are many times we have missed Angels ministrations because we failed in times of Temptations. Do you still want to fail and miss more Angelic Ministrations? Am sure Your answer is NO!!!
Dear Friend, The Kingdom of the world and their glory has been delivered to the Devil. It will one day become the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Are you willing to wait until that time? Or Do You want to bow your knees to the Devil to get it now? When You are tempted to Lust after Woman, tempted to click that Dirty site, tempted to satisfy the Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the eyes and pride of Life, Will you say to the Devil “Get behind Me!!! Don’t block my view of Heaven!!” Don’t allow the Devil to rob you anymore of Angel ministrations.  May God Help us All (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus.


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