Day 019- Temptation in the Holy City!!! 

Then the Devil took Jesus Up into the Holy City, Set Him on the Pinnacle of the Temple and said “If You are the Son of God, Throw Yourself down. For it is written ‘He shall keep His angels charge over you…. Lest You dash your foot against a Stone” And Jesus said to him “It is Written again,’ You shall not Tempt the Lord Your God ‘…. Matthew 4:5-7. 
Devil does not give up easily. If He cannot make us Sin in the Wilderness, He will Try another place. If we refuse to turn Stones into Bread, He will look for other means to make us disobey God our Father. So let us always be on guard. As we overcome one Temptation, Behold another one stands knocking at the door of our hearts. 
Here, we see the Devil tempting Jesus in the Holy City. I was thinking the Devil should have some respect because the place was called Holy City. But I see that the Devil is a respecter of Nobody and place. There is No place too Holy that the Devil cannot Tempt us. If the Devil can Tempt Jesus in the Holy City, then He can Tempt us in the Church. There are many times we are tempted in the Church. We are tempted to Sing in such a way that people will glorify Us instead of glorifying God. We are tempted to Dress in such a way that people are drawn towards Us. We are tempted to say what is not True in our lives just to impress others. We are tempted to preach and teach in such a way that people we say “Wow!! Wow!!” and there is a delight we get when people say “That was Great Bro. God is using You”. Even at times, we are tempted to Lust because a Sister is dressed in an indecent way in the church. We are tempted to give money just to impress others.” All these are Temptations in the Holy place. Let us therefore cleanse ourselves. And always be at alter, once You sense that the Devil is drawing you to seek your own will in the Church in anything you do, be quick to rebuke Him and he will flee.
He was set at the pinnacle of the Temple: Those that are holding High position in the Church are the Major Target of the Devil. The Leaders in the Church face a lot of Temptations. The Devil knows that once He is able to get the Leaders, then the Church is Dead. Those who are at the pinnacle of the Church are more vulnerable to Pride because others have to receive instructions from them. Let us therefore Humble ourselves, in every Leadership position we hold in the Church.
The Temptation was “Throw Yourself down!!! Do something Spectacular!!! All eyes are on You!!!You are on Top of the Temple!!! People will believe in You once they see You coming down from the Temple Top!!! Do something Miraculous!!! There is a Bible verse You can use to Support Yourself”  Those who dwell in the Holy place are always tempted to do something Miraculous to prove that God is with them. They are always tempted to give prophecies to people just to gain acceptance. And the Devil is very tricky, He will always give us Bible verse to lead us astray. He will misquote the Bible to find a Justifications for our sins. I have heard Preachers quoting Scriptures Just to get money from people. Be careful, If the Devil quoted Scriptures to Jesus to make Him Sin, How much more We who are His followers? Another thing we see is that the Devil said “Throw Yourself down” The Devil can Tempt Us, But He has no power to force Us. The Devil cannot Push us into Sin, He can only suggest Sin to Us. We Sin when we agree to the bidding of the Devil.
Jesus responded “It is Written again” Thank God!! Jesus knew the Scriptures thoroughly!!! He knew what was also written. We must be balance in our knowledge of the Scriptures. We must know what is written, and what is also written!!! If Jesus had not taken time to Study the Bible so well, He would have Jumped when the Devil tempted Him to Jump because there is a promise that “Angels will keep charge over Him” There are many believers who are confused because they don’t know what is also written. They see a promise in the Bible and they keep praying with it but no answer because they don’t know what is also written.
Finally, Don’t Tempt God. Don’t Jump off the pinnacle intentionally, expecting God to Help You. If there is a staircase, Use it!!! Don’t Die foolishly when you ought to have taken Drugs!! Taking Drugs is not a Sin. Don’t Tempt the Lord, Your God. Don’t intentionally Sin, and expect God to Save You. Don’t intentionally Jump out of God’s commands and Expect Him to guide Your steps. Don’t intentionally Marry an unbeliever and Expect God to Convert Him or her through You. Don’t Tempt the Lord Your God!!!
So Dear Friend, Always be on guard against the Devil. No place is too Holy for Temptations. The Higher your position and responsibility in the Church, the more you should be careful of being Tempted by the Devil in the church. Learn to compare Scriptures with Scriptures. The fact that a Preacher quotes from the Bible does not mean He is Correct. Devil did the same to Jesus. Be on Your guard and in any action You take, always ask “Am I tempting the Lord, My God?”. God bless you. Have a blessed day. 
#Everyday with Jesus.


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  1. I love your point of the higher the position you are in the church the greater the temptation. I am sensing that now. As God is opening interesting new doors of opportunity. Great and timely post.


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