Day 016 – ​The Baptism of Jesus Christ!!!

​The Baptism of Jesus Christ!!!

Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan to be baptized by Him. And John tried to prevent Him saying “I need to be baptized by You and You are coming to Me” but Jesus said to Him “Permit it to be So now, for thus it is fitting for Us to fulfill all righteousness” And when He had been baptized,…. Behold the Heavens were opened to Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending… Upon Him… and a Voice… Saying “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”……. Matthew 3:13-17

These verses tells us about the first public appearance of Jesus and His Baptism. And it is wonderful to see that His appearance was in Humility. Let us consider it.

Jesus came from Galilee to John at Jordan to be baptized. He who knew No Sin submitted to the Baptism of his subordinate. There were many sinners coming to John for baptism, yet Jesus joined the queue. He had no Sins to confess Yet He associated with Sinners. Why? Because His Father told Him to Go!!! It was to fulfill the righteous demands of God. Jesus never relied on His reasonings as a Man. His common sense would have told Him” You don’t need baptism, You have never Sinned, what will people think about You if they see you coming for baptism? They would say it is because You have Sinned in secret!!! You don’t need baptism Jare!! ” But Jesus would not lean on His own Understanding. He was set to fulfill all righteousness that God required. Even if He cannot Understand Why. There are many things the Bible commands that is contrary to our common sense but those who walk in the footsteps of Jesus obey without questioning. For example, the Bible commands that We are to bless those who curse us. This command is so clear, even a baby would understand it. But those who have depended on their understanding have failed to fulfill the Righteousness required. Instead of Humbling themselves to Fulfill what God requires, they will argue and argue. Let us Humble ourselves to do all that is required of us in fulfilling all righteousness.

John said ” I need to be baptized by You but you are coming to Me” I perceive He was saying “I am the one that needs You why are you now coming to Me? I am the one that needs your service, why are you coming to Me for Service?” Many of us think so highly of ourselves. We treat Jesus as if He is the one that needs our help. We think the work of God cannot go on without us. We think we are doing God a Favour by giving our lives to Him. We have not yet come to the point where we discover our own needs. Where we say to Jesus “I am the one that needs You Lord, I am the one that needs Your Help. You will lose nothing if I don’t surrender myself to You Lord. Why are you coming to a great Sinner like Me?”

Finally, Jesus was baptized and there are three significant things that Happened. These things must also be recorded about our lives because we are the Younger Brothers and sisters of Jesus. There is no partiality with God the Father, what He did for Jesus, He will do for Us if we walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

(1) Heaven was opened unto Him: There were many people who came for baptism but Heaven became open to Jesus. It must be said concerning Us that the “Heaven was opened to Us” Out of the Multitude of Believers, those who come in contact with us must see that Heaven is opened to Us. There must be no dryness in our lives and ministry. We must always be fresh. Our connection with Heaven must always be intact. We must run away daily from Sins that seeks to shut the door of heaven against us.

(2) The Holy Spirit was upon Him: All those whom we meet must be able to say that the Spirit of God is upon Us. Our Daily lives should be a Spirit-filled Life. We must maintain a continuous filling of the Holy Spirit. All our activities must be done through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

(3).The Voice saying “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”: Everyday, we must be sure that the Lord is pleased with Us. We must constantly hear God saying” I am pleased with You. I am pleased with the way You looked at that girl. I am pleased with the way you replied Your Parent. I am pleased with the Way you use Your time, energy and Money. I am pleased with what You said, heard and looked” we must hear God saying this to our hearts Daily.

So Dear Friend, are you willing to fulfill All righteousness in Your Life? Are You ready to obey God’s instructions even if it makes no sense to you? Are You ready to obey God’s word even if others will misinterpret You and think you are a Sinner Like Jesus baptism? Will you henceforth pay no interest to what people think about You? Change Your mind towards Jesus. You are the one that needs His Help!!! He is coming to You to be the Lord and King of Your Life not to be Your Servant. Say to Jesus “I am dead if You don’t Help Me!!! I will rot away in Hell if You will not come to my rescue!!” maintain a Pure conscience always and the Heavens will be opened unto You. Flee from Sins and the Spirit of God will continuously be upon You. Be diligent in all you do and never be satisfied until You hear God say to You Heart “You are My beloved Son and I am pleased with You” God bless you. Have a blessed day.

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