Day 015 – ​The Holy Spirit and Fire!!!

​The Holy Spirit and Fire!!!

I indeed baptize You with Water… But He who is coming after me is Mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will Baptize You with the Holy Spirit and Fire…. And He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor and gather His wheat into the barn but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire….. Matthew 3:11-12

In these verses, we read of John’s Humility and what He said concerning Jesus Christ.

When John saw many people coming towards Him, He talked about Jesus. When John saw many responding and submitting to His Ministry, He was quick to point them to Jesus. One mark of a Godly man is that He talks about Christ. A godly Man will never allow those whom He minister to get attached to Him, instead He Leads them to be connected to Jesus personally. The reason why people go to their Pastors to find God’s will for them is because they are not connected to the Lord personally. A Preacher can advice and give us his suggestions and opinion about certain matters but We are to go to God directly to know His will for our lives.

John said to those who came to Him,” I indeed baptize You with Water. All I have to offer you people is ordinary water. But there is someone coming after Me that is Mightier than I” we must always recognize that whatever we have to offer to people can never be compare to what Christ has to offer. All the gifts and abilities we have is like ordinary water compare to what Christ has in Stock. I have heard Preachers who magnify their suit and anointing oil. They speak so highly of the testimonies they have received from the use of it. Such Preachers should run to John the Baptist to learn that All that they offer to people is inferior to what Christ has to offer.

The closer we come to know the Lord, the more Humble we become. The more we get to know God, the more we discover our unworthiness to be involved in His Service. As great as John the Baptist was, He recognized that He was not Worthy to carry Jesus Sandals. John the Baptist was 6 months older than Jesus, Yet He recognized that He was not even qualified to a dirty job of carrying Jesus sandals.!!!Shame on Us if we think it is a Dishonor to us if we are asked to Wash the Toilet, sweep and mop the floor in The Church. We are to say Like John ” I am not Worthy, Oh Lord to wash the Toilet of the Church. I am not qualified to Sweep or Mop the Floor. I am unworthy Oh Lord!!” Let us see it as a great privilege whenever we are called upon to do any Job for the Lord even if it is washing of Church Toilet.

If we Humble ourselves before God like this, we can be sure that He will immense us in the Holy Spirit and Fire. For God gives His spirit of Grace to those who are Humble. John the Baptist and other Preachers can only lead us to Water baptism. The baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire can only be done by Jesus. If You have not experienced what it means to be immersed by the Holy Spirit and Fire, You are missing so much!!! The Holy Spirit is the Helper on your Christian Race. It strengthens You to do what You cannot do naturally. It gives You power to deny Your own will and do the will of God. Don’t be satisfied with the emotional experience You have when a Preacher laid hands on You. If whatever You receive does not give you power to say “NO” to Sin and hate the sight of Sin, I doubt if it is the Holy Spirit!! The Holy Spirit is the Most important gift of God for this dispensation. We can never never attain the level of Life described in the New testament without being Filled continuously with the Holy Spirit. Being Filled with the Holy Spirit should be the cry of our hearts daily. It is Only Jesus that can baptise us with the Holy Spirit and Fire.

When We open all the doors in our heart to the Holy Spirit, then will our body become a Threshing Floor for the Lord to operate. If We Humble ourselves and seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit always, then will the Lord be able to thoroughly Clean our lives. Jesus intention towards Us is to make us Completely Clean by burning those dirty desires that has ruled our bodies for Years. Jesus can make You Thoroughly Clean if You allow Him to immense You with the Holy Ghost and Fire!!!

So Dear Friend, Humble Yourself!!! Recognize that All You have to offer is Ordinary Water compare to what Jesus has to offer. Recognize Your Unworthiness to render any service for the Lord even if it is a Service Like Cleaning the Toilet. Come to the Lord and ask Him to immerse You in the Holy Spirit and Fire. Open all the doors of Your Heart to the Holy Spirit. Say to the Lord “My Body is Your Threshing Floor, Clean me thoroughly!!! Gather what is Good in my Life into the barn, but burn everything that is not found in You with the unquenchable Fire of the Holy Spirit” Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen. God bless You. Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus


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