Day 014 – Bear Fruits worthy of Repentance!!

Bear Fruits worthy of Repentance!!

Therefore bear Fruits worthy of Repentance, and do not think to say to yourself, ‘We have Abraham as Our Father’. For God is able to raise up Children to Abraham from these Stones. And Even Now, the Axe is laid to the root of the Trees. Every Tree which does not bear good fruit is Cut down and thrown into the Fire….. Matthew 3:8-10

Those who have flee from the wrath to come show it by the Fruits which they bear in their lives. Those who have truly repented of their Sins shows it by the fruit they bear. If we claim to have accepted and received Jesus, it must show in our conducts and Character. If Repentance does not produce fruits in our lives, then it is a counterfeit. It is not real Repentance!! If we curse and gossip with our mouth before, now that we have repented, we should bless and glorify God with it. If we are not interested in church activities and preparing others for the Lord before, now that we claim to have repented we should be active in building a Pure Church and leading others to be devoted to the Lord. All those who come in contact with us should see the fruit of the Holy Spirit upon Us. Even if You don’t have any gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Fruit is a MUST!!!

The Jews glory in the Fact that Abraham is their father. But John the Baptist clears this notion off their minds. John said to them “Don’t even try to think You are saved because You are related to Abraham, All man for Himself!!!” There are many people who think they are saved because they are born into a Christian Home. Some because they are related to a known Preacher. Some because they attend a Good Church. Here the Word of God “If you don’t bear Fruits worthy of Repentance in Your Personal Life, the connection you have with any Good Church or Godly men is Useless!!!” Salvation is a Personal Thing. Judas had a very Close relationship with Jesus yet He Lost His Salvation because He was not Bearing Fruits worthy of Repentance.

If we fail to Bear fruits worthy of Repentance, it does not stop God from doing His Work. God is able to raise up Stones!!! If You fail to do what God intends You to do, God will always raise up other men to do it. If Judas will not maintain his position as a Disciple and Apostle of the Lord, God will always raise up Terrible Sinners Like Paul to do His Job!! So Let us be more diligent in our Christian race in bearing Fruits lest someone else takes our place.

Finally, John warns them of the consequences of not bearing Fruits. He says “The Axe is laid at the root of the Tree” If you continue in your barrenness, then know this for sure “The Axe is already laid at the root of Your Life”. Why should the Tree be left to take the ground when it produces No fruit? Why should we continue to nurture and water a Tree that keeps bringing forth bad fruits? It is far better to Cut such tree and throw it into the Fire. If a Tree will not be good for Fruits, at least it will be good for a source of Fuel for the Fire. If our lives will not bear Fruits worthy of Repentance to the Glory of God, then it would Burn in Hell. Behold the Kindness and Strictness of God!!! God is kind at the same time He is Strict. Let us fear lest we see the strict nature of God.

So Dear Friend, Are You bearing Fruits worthy of Repentance? Are there any changes in your Character and attitude since you claimed to be Born again? Are you becoming more Like Jesus daily in your Life? Don’t deceive yourself because you are related with a godly man or a good Christian home or Church. This thing is a personal thing!!! Don’t allow God to replace you with Stones. I beg You with the mercies of God, Bear Fruits!!! The consequences of barrenness is serious!! Fear lest You will be cut down and thrown into the Fire. May none of us find our place in Hell in Jesus name (Amen). Let us therefore be More diligent to Bear fruits and Let us hold Fast our confession of faith so that no one will take our crown(Revelation 3:11). 

God bless you. 

Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus


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