Day 013 – ​John the Baptist!!

John the Baptist!!

Now John himself was clothed in Camel’s hair, with leather belt… and his food was Locust and Honey. Then Jerusalem, All Judea… Went out to Him and was baptized in Jordan, confessing their Sins. But when He saw Many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to His baptism, He said to them “Brood of Vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?”…. Matthew 3:4-7.

Here, we see the kind of Man John the Baptist was and His attitude to those who come to Him.

John was a very simple Man in dressing and his taste for food was simple. All those who are interested in preparing others for the Lord must appear Simple. They must be moderate in their dressing. The way we dress is an indication of what we believe. Those who believe in Godliness dress in a godly way. Our dressing should not be to draw attention to ourselves. Particularly, Ladies must always be careful not to dress in such a way that men lust after them. Anytime we dress, we must always ask ourselves “Jesus, what do you think about My dressing? Will You be comfortable walking along the street with me with this dress?”

John’s food was also very Simple. His belly was not his God(Philippians 3:19). He has learnt to be disciplined in his eating habits. All those who want to prepare others for the Lord must have control over food. I remember there was a time Jesus was very Hungry, that His Disciples had to sit him down at the well in Samaria to buy food. But Yet when He saw that Lost Adulterous woman, His desire for food disappeared(John 4:6-8)This should be our attitude towards eating. Our Food should be to do the will of the Father and finish His work of leading others to Christ (John 4:34).

If we profess Godliness in our dressing pattern and are disciplined in our eating habits, we can be sure that There would be an Aroma upon our lives that attracts people to Us. John was in the Wilderness, yet the whole Jerusalem and Surrounding cities came to Him in the wilderness because there is an anointing upon Him that attracts them. Remain Faithful to the Lord, even if you are in the wilderness, Maintain a continuous godly life even when there is no one around you. Ensure You win God’s approval in your secret closest and very soon, God will draw men towards You. Those who have pleased God in their secret Lives are rewarded publicly before Men. Those who have killed the Lions and the Bears in their secret lives will be ready to face the Goliath in Public one day.

Those who came to John confessed their Sins and were baptized. It is not that John can forgive them their Sins. But it is to show that they acknowledge that they were Sinners and submitted to the will of God for that time. We don’t have to confess our sins to anyone if we have not wronged them by our sins. We are now to confess our sins only to Jesus not a Pope or Father. There is only one mediator between Man and God and He is Christ Jesus(1 Timothy 2:5). Those who come to the Lord must acknowledge that they are Sinners and must confess it to Him to be saved.

Another thing we see about John the Baptist is his attitude and message towards those who approach Him. When He saw the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to Him, He was more harsh and strict with His Message. Why? Is it because He hated them? Not at all!! He was so strict and strong in His message because the Pharisees and Sadducees are those religious leaders who believe that they are righteous and not sinners. He was not trying to impress them for their position in the Temple, but He was a faithful minister who was showing them their True Condition. I have seen Preachers who change their message when they see crowd approaching them. But John was not like that, He told them the Truth about themselves. He calls them “Brood of Vipers!!! Generation of Snake!!! All those who have not submitted to God are Brood of Vipers. The Devil, that serpent of Old is their Father(John 8:44). All those who want to lead people to the Lord must show Sinners that they belong to the Devil. Sinners must be told plainly that the Devil is their Father. If we don’t tell them, then who will? Sinners must be told that there is a wrath Coming upon them if they don’t repent. We are to advice and convince Sinners to Flee from the wrath of God!!!!

Dear Friend, let us learn from John the Baptist!!! Let us be simple in our Dressing and Eating Habits. Take your secret life in the Wilderness serious. If You Honour God in your secret Life, He will Honour You publicly. Proclaim to people the Whole purpose of God!!! Don’t seek to please Men by trying to reduce the the seriousness of Sin. Show Sinners their True Condition and advice them to Flee from the coming Wrath!!!

May God help us to stand Truthful Like John the Baptist in Jesus name (Amen). God bless you. Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus


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