Day 012 – The Ministry of John the Baptist!!!

The Ministry of John the Baptist!!!

… John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judea and saying “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!!” and this is He who was spoken by the Prophet saying “The Voice of One crying in the Wilderness, Prepare the Way for the Lord, Make His Paths Straight”….. Matthew 3:1-3

John the Baptist is called the Forerunner of Jesus. He was sent to prepare the Children of Israel for the first Coming of the Messiah. There is so much we can learn from Him because the responsibilities given to Us as a Church is to prepare People for the Second Coming of the Messiah. So Looking at the Life and Ministry of John the Baptist will help us see how to pattern our Lives and Ministry for the coming of the Lord.

The first thing we read about John is that He came Preaching. Preaching is a very important thing in preparing People for the Coming of the Lord. How will people know about Jesus if you don’t preach to them? How will people know what God has offered to them if you don’t tell them about it? How will they hear the Gospel Message without a Preacher? Oh How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Gospel of Peace!! (Romans 10:14-15). Do you want to lead people to the Lord? Then preach to them! Do you want to prepare people for Jesus? Then preach to them! Shame on Believers who go around Joking, Playing and Gisting instead of preaching to prepare men and women for the Lord. It is a Sign of backsliding when Churches begin to invite paid comedians to joke on the pulpit.

Where did He preach? In the Wilderness!!! Who would have thought that such an anointed man like John should be in a Wilderness? If Anyone should be a speaker in the Temple, it should have been John the Baptist!!! But God in his wisdom at times Hide those whom He has greatly anointed. Jesus was also hidden for the first 30 years of His Life. So don’t be discouraged even if You start Your ministry in a Wilderness. If God has given You a Gift and a Message, He will bring the audience. Although John was in the wilderness yet we read that Multitude of people came unto Him. Where You resides does not Matter. If God has commissioned You, People will locate You.

What did John Preach? REPENT!!! The Message of Repentance is the message that prepares people for the coming of the Lord. Everyone of Us needs to Repent!!! The day You think You don’t need the message of Repentance anymore, then it means You are saying You have become perfect like Jesus. So since none of us has become perfect Like Jesus, then we need the message of Repentance!!! We must repent from everything that is not Christ-Like!!! We must Repent from the way we speak with our parent, from the way we spend our time and use our money, from the way we Look at women, from everything we cannot do in Fellowship with Jesus. The message of Repentance is the first Message preached in the New testament because this is what we must do everyday. There will always be something we have to repent of everyday if we are serious about becoming like Jesus.

Why Should People Repent? Because the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!!! Those who want to prepare people for the coming of the Lord must Preach Heavenly things. It is the Message of Heavenly things that prepare People for Heaven. You cannot be preaching Land, Cars, Material and Earthly things and Expect people to be Heavenly in their thinking. It is what they feed on, that they would become. If you feed them with Earthly teachings, they would become Earthly and if You feed them with Heavenly teachings then they become Heavenly. The kingdom of Heaven has nothing to do with Material things. It is a Life of Righteousness, Peace and joy in the Holy Ghost(Romans 14:17). For People to be ready for the coming of the Lord, they must be taught How to be Righteous in everything they do. How to maintain a perfect peace always with God and Man. And How to live a life filled with Joy always in the Power of the Holy Spirit!!! This is the Kingdom of God!!!

Dear Friend, Are you ready to become a Voice for the Lord in our generation? Are you willing to go crying around even if it means going into the Wilderness to prepare the Way for the second coming of the Lord? Are you willing to make all the crooked path of your life straight for the Lord? Let us respond to the call of God!!! Let us learn from John the Baptist. Let us make ourselves and those whom the Lord has given unto us ready for the Coming of the Lord. 

May the Grace of God Help us out in Jesus name (Amen). 

God bless you! 

Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus


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