Day 011 – Fulfilling the Scriptures!!!

Fulfilling the Scriptures!!!

When Herod saw that He was deceived,… He sent forth and put to death all the male children who were in Bethlehem…. Then was Fulfilled what was spoken by Jeremiah the Prophet…. When Herod was dead, Behold an Angel appeared to Joseph saying” Arise… Go to the Land of Israel… “.. He turned aside into Galilee and dwelt in a city called Nazareth, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet…..”… Matthew 2:16-23

From these passages, the only thing we intend to point out is the Phrase” That the Scriptures Might be Fulfilled” one thing we see about Jesus Life is that every thing that Happened to Him from Birth to Death was to Fulfill something that was written about Him already in the Old testament. God carefully planned all that was going to Happen to Jesus when He was on Earth. Where He was to be Born was already determined beforehand. That He was going to be Born by a Virgin was already written. It was also written that He was going to flee to Egypt. Also about the Killing of the innocent babies was to fulfill something already written about Jesus. It was already written that He was going to be betrayed by His closest worker and Hanged on a Tree along with criminals and buried in a Rich man tomb. Everything was to fulfill what the Father has said concerning Him.

There is no partiality with our Father, If He has a Plan for Jesus Life here on Earth, He must definitely have a Plan for Us also. If He has planned Everything about the Firstborn, it would be injustice to have no plans for the Last born. Psalm 139:16 says ” God has written in His book all the days fashioned for Us even when our substance was yet to be formed” Ephesians 2:10 says to us that God has prepared a Plan for Us beforehand and expects us to walk in them.

It is important for Us to be convinced with this fact that God has a particular plan for our Lives immediately we become Born again. There is something written in God’s plan that is expected to be fulfilled by You. It will be a great regret when You get to Heaven and You discovered that because You refuse to walk in God’s plan, He raised up another person to do what You should have done. God’s work will always be done even if we refuse to play our part. If God can use Donkey to preach to Balaam, If He can use a Rooster’s Crow to convict Peter, If He can use Fish to Correct Jonah, He can use anything to Fulfill His Plan. So let us fear lest we miss the will of God!!!

No wonder the Bible says ALL things works together for Good for those who Love God(Romans 8:28). As Long as we are sure that we Love God, I can guarantee us 100% that Everything happening even if it seems painful to Us will always work out for Good because we are Walking according to the plans God has written in His book for Us.

Joseph is a Very good example. His Brothers sold Him off, He was accused falsely and thrown into prison, Unknown to All of them, they were only fulfilling the Dream that God has for Joseph.

Dear Friend, In Everything Give Thanks for this is God’s will for You(1Thessalonians 5:18). If You Love God, then everything happening to You is to Fulfill what was written about You. If You complain about anything, then it means You don’t believe in God’s plan for Your Life. You don’t have to be afraid of anything. You are immortal until you have finished God’s plan for your Life. No one could kill Jesus until He has finished what God the Father planned for Him. No witch, Africa Juju, Sickness, Accident can take Your Life if you have not fulfilled God’s plan yet. This is the God we serve!!! Let us therefore Walk in Humility and purity, always finding what is pleasing to the Lord. Let us fear lest we come short of God’s plan for our lives. Let us be more zealous and diligent in fulfilling All that was written about Us before the Foundation of the world. God has a Plan for Your Life My Friend. Find and Fulfill it!!! 

May the Lord give us Grace to walk according to His plans in Jesus name. (Amen). 

God bless you. 

Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus


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