Day 010 – The Escape to Egypt!!!

The Escape to Egypt!!!

Behold an Angel appeared to Joseph saying ” Arise, take the Young Child and His Mother, Flee to Egypt and stay there, Until I bring word, For Herod will seek the Young Child to destroy Him. When He arose, He took the Young Child by Night and departed for Egypt…. That it might be fulfilled what was spoken by the Lord through the Prophet….. Matthew 2:13-15

Jesus started facing persecution right from babyhood. One would have thought that He who came to save the world from Sins should have been accepted but we see that He came to His own but His Own would not receive Him. Not only that they would not receive Him, they wanted to destroy Him. But God will always be our Shepherd if our Hearts is set towards doing His will.

Here we noted that an Angel appeared to Joseph to inform Him of Herod’s evil plan. Those who are related to Christ can be sure that they will always experience divine visitations from Heaven. Those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord can be sure that Angels of God are always at their service to prevent them from every evil plans.

The Angel commanded Him “Take the Young Child and Flee(Run for Your Life) to Egypt!!!” This is so humiliating. The Son of God running for his own Life. Here we see our Saviour running to another city because His time to Die has not yet come. No wonder He says to His Disciples “If they persecute You in this city, Flee to another City (Matt 10:23). There is no wisdom in exposing our lives to Danger and calling it Faith when God has provided a way of Escape for Us. Let us learn from our saviour who Flee when He was persecuted because His time has not yet come to Die.

Also it is interesting to note that they are to Flee to Egypt. Come to think of it, How will Poor Joseph and Mary cope in a Rich advance Country Like Egypt? How will they survive? Where will they get money from? Behold the Wisdom of God!!! The previous night, God had already moved the Hearts of the Wise Men to present gifts of Golds to Jesus because He knew that Joseph and Mary will need Money to survive in Egypt!!!! This is the God we serve. He plans in advance for our sake. He provides for our needs before it becomes visible to Us!!! What God did for Jesus, He will do for us if we believe.

Joseph was commanded to wait in Egypt for further instructions. Those who have once been instructed by God must believe that God will continue to instruct them. It is not God’s will that any of us should be left in Darkness. We are to continue to wait upon the Lord for instructions just like Joseph.

So Joseph arose and took the Child by Night. Here we see the instant obedience of Joseph to God’s instructions. His reasons would have told Him ” Why can’t God just kill Herod? Why must God allow His begotten Son to be treated like this?”. God’s way is not Man’s Way. There are many things we don’t understand about God. But one thing we know is that God Loves Us and His Wisdom is infallible. If He has commanded Us to Flee for our Lives, So be it!!! So we see that Joseph did not depend on what his own sense was saying but trusted in what God said. Even if it is inconvenient to travel during that Cold Night. God’s Wisdom is the best!!!

Dear Friend, What God did for Jesus, He will do for you if You believe Him. If God preserve the Life of Jesus through divine Angel Visitation, He will do the same for You. If God refuse to Kill the Enemies of Jesus but instead Commanded Him to Run!! Don’t be surprised if you have to Flee also from your enemies when God provides a way of escape for You. Our God is a good God who plans in advance for our needs. If He provides Gold for Joseph and Mary to meet their expenses in Egypt, He can do the same for You. Believe in Him!!! Wait upon His instructions, follow his plans even if it is contrary to common sense for He is the Only Wise God!!! 

God bless You. 

Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus

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