Day 009 – ​The Wise Men and their Gifts.

The Wise Men and their Gifts.

And when they had come into the house, they saw the Young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshipped Him… they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense and Myrrh. Then being warned divinely in a dream, they departed to their own country….. Matthew 2:11-12

Finally, they found Jesus!!! After a Long walk and a diligent search, they found the desires of their Hearts. Indeed God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. We will find Him if we search for Him with All our Strength, Soul and Mind. Are you seeking for the Lord? Don’t be discouraged, You will find Him if You diligently Seek Him.

The Wise Men fell down and worshipped Him. All those who have found Jesus are always Worshippers. If we will not submit ourselves to Jesus as our Lord and our God, it will be a waste of time seeking for Him. If we will not bow our knees in every area of our lives to Jesus, then why come to Him? It was not recorded that the Wise Men gave this kind of Honour to Herod though He was a powerful king. But when they saw Jesus, they fell down and Worshipped!! Those who bow before God have boldness to stand before Men. If we fear God, what can Man do to Us?

It is interesting to note that the Holy Spirit said “They Worshipped HIM, not THEM!! It was Only Jesus they worshipped. Not Jesus and Mary. This is where our Catholic brethren Missed it. I agree that Mary is a godly woman but she also needs to be Saved by Jesus like every other Sinners. Mary does not deserve our Worship. We are not to bow before Mary. Well, it is easy to Judge our Catholic brethren but we should ask ourselves if we are not also bowing to our Pastors, telling them to help us find the will of God in different areas of our Lives. Most of us have made our Pastors our Mary. We cannot go to Jesus directly but go through our Pastors. This is not correct my brethren!!!

The Wise Men presented gifts to Jesus. Only those who have first given themselves to the Lord in Worship are permitted to give their substance to the Lord. Only those who have worshiped God in the beauty of Holiness are permitted to give their money to the Lord. If You have not presented All the members of your bodies to God as a Living sacrifice, Keep Your Money. God is not a beggar!!! The Silver and the Gold belongs to Him. If Your Life is not acceptable to God, then Your Money is Useless for His work.

It is also interesting to note that the first set of people recorded seeking after Jesus were Rich men. God is not against Rich people but He is definitely against Pride that consumes Most of them. So don’t have it at the back of your mind that Only those that are Poor on Earth can sincerely Follow the Lord. Ask Yourself “Where are all the Poor Jews in Jerusalem when these wise men from Far got Revelation about Jesus?”

Finally, they were warned not to return to Herod and they took the warning. They could have depended on their common sense and say” No way!!! We must also invite Herod to come and Worship Jesus. How wonderful would it be seeing this Big Herod falling down before Little Jesus to Worship” At times, God in His wisdom restrict us from sharing the Good news about Jesus with others. Not because He hate them but because He knew the bad intention of the heart of these people. No wonder Jesus says “Don’t cast your pearls before pigs!!! Don’t give what is Holy to the dogs (Matt 7:6)”.So these Wise Men have learnt from their previous mistake never to rely on their own understanding but solely on the Word of God!!!

Dear Friend, If You diligently seek the Lord, You will definitely Find Him. All our coming to the Lord should lead us to bowing our knees in every aspect of our lives in order to Worship Him. Only Jesus deserves All our worship. Let us present ourselves to the Lord first as a living sacrifice. If God can get our bodies, getting our money becomes easy. Let us learn to depend solely on God’s word and never to lean on our own understanding.

God bless You. Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus


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