Day 007 – Herod

Then Herod, When He had secretly called the Wise Men…. Said ” Go and Search Carefully for the Young Child, and when You have found Him, bring back Word to me, that I may come and Worship Him also”….. Matthew 2:7-8

Herod pretended to be interested in this great news about the Birth of Jesus. And He inquired about it secretly. There are many who come to us pretending to be interested about Jesus but whose Motive is to do evil to Us. They would ask us questions about Jesus just to find fault in Christianity. The Pharisees in the Days of Jesus will always ask Him questions in order to test or entrap Him in His word(Matt 22:15). So don’t be surprised if People ask You questions with the Motive of doing Evil to You. Remember it happened to Jesus!!!

Also we noted that If Herod was actually interested in Worshipping Jesus, He could have Joined these Wise Men in the search for Him. But instead, He said they should “Go and Search…. and bring word to Him after they have found Jesus” I have discovered that some people are just too lazy to join those who are diligently seeking for the Lord. They will never seek Jesus for themselves. They prefer others finding God’s will for them. Most Believers are too Lazy to read the Bible and Meditate on their own. They just sit expecting a Bible Teacher to come and find Jesus for them. This is not the best My Friend!!! One of the Promises in the New Covenant is ” None of them shall teach his neighbor and his brother saying ‘Know the Lord’, For ALL shall Know Me!!!(Heb 8:11). There is nothing wrong if others point us to the Lord, but it becomes wrong if we don’t diligently join those who are seeking after the Lord. A Lazy Man or Woman will never Find the Lord. Those who are not ready to pour their time, energy, passion, intelligence, body and money towards religious activities will never find the Lord.

Dear Friend, How is it with You? Are you Like Herod who is asking Questions Just to carry out an Evil plan? Are you always asking questions to test and entangle people in their Speech? Are You too Lazy to Seek for the Lord personally? Are You too busy to Join with those who are diligently seeking after Jesus? When You should have been Teachers, You still need someone to teach You the Fundamentals of Christianity!!! This is not correct my Friend. Ask the Lord to allow the Zeal of the knowledge of Him to consume You. Ask the Lord for wisdom to answer those who approach You to test and entangle you with questions. 

May the Lord Help Us as We Join ourselves henceforth with those who are seeking after the Lord with a Pure Heart (Amen). 

God bless you. 

Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus

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