Day 006 -The Troubled Herod and Jerusalem.

The Troubled Herod and Jerusalem.

When Herod the King heard this, He was Troubled, and All Jerusalem with Him. And when He had gathered All the Chief priest and scribes together, He inquired of them where the Christ was to be Born. So they said “In Bethlehem of Judea, for thus it is written by the prophet…”.. Matthew 2:3-6

The Kingdom of Herod was Troubled when it heard about the Birth of Jesus. Any kingdom that is not established in God get Troubled when the name of Jesus is mentioned. The reason why most heart and home are Troubled is because it is not established in God. Jesus says to His Disciples “Let not Your Heart be Troubled, Believe in God, believe also in Me (John 14:1). Each time we are troubled, It is an indication that we have lost our Faith in God. Herod was Troubled because His kingdom has no faith in God.

But what amazed me was that the Whole Jerusalem was Troubled also!!! Why should they be? They have been waiting many years for the coming of the Messiah. The news about his birth should have given them great Joy and excitement. If Herod was Troubled, Jerusalem should have rejoiced about it!!! Shame on Jerusalem!!! Shame on believers who are Troubled when they hear about the coming of the Lord!!! Believers who live in Sin get scared when they hear about the coming of the Messiah. Those who don’t want to give up their sinful habits are Troubled each time they hear about Jesus. Believers should be the happiest when they hear that Jesus is coming back!!! We are suppose to lift up our heads in Joy because our day of redemption from this corrupt world and Flesh draws near( Luke 21:28). Those who live a Life of Daily Walk with God in Humility and pure conscience have no fear about the coming of the Lord.

Finally, Herod gathered the Chief priest and scribes in Jerusalem to inquire from them about the Birth of Jesus. It is sad to discover that these leaders knew the Scriptures but they had no revelation about Jesus. They knew the passages that spoke about Jesus. But when Jesus was born within their own country, They knew Him not!!! This is to teach us that Bible knowledge is not the same as Revelation. We can know so much of the Bible yet not have Revelation concerning Jesus whom the whole Bible talks about. There are many Preachers and Teachers who know so much of theBible, yet they don’t Speak about the Man Jesus whom the Bible point us to. It is an indication of Lack of Revelation. We can never become Christ-Like unless we have revelation of Jesus in every areas of our lives as we read the Bible. If you keep listening to a Preacher who has no revelation of Jesus, after Many years, You will discover You know more about Witches, Demons, Prosperity, Deliverance.. Etc and no Nothing or Little about Jesus. So these scribes are like our modern Preachers who know more of Greek and Latin Bible and know nothing about the Man Christ Jesus.

So my Dear Friend, the news concerning the Coming of the Lord should not Trouble Your Heart if you are Walking in Humility and perfect conscience. Rejoice instead that Your saviour is coming very Soon to cloth You with that incorruptible body which is not drawn to Sin like the one we currently wear. Ask God to give you revelation on Jesus. Tell Him You have spent enough of your Years listening to teachings that is not making You more Christ-Like. 

May the Lord give Us Grace to Learn from these in Jesus name (Amen). 

God bless you. 

Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus.


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