Day 005 – Wise Men from the East!!

Wise Men from the East!!

After Jesus was born in Bethlehem,…. Wise men from the East came to Jerusalem saying “Where is He who was born King of the Jews? For We have seen His Star in the East and have come to Worship Him”… Matthew 2:1-2.

It is a shameful thing to discover that the first set of people who came seeking for the Newly Born Jesus were Strangers and Magicians. They were those who came from a Very Far country and who are in the grip of Devil. Jesus came to His own but his own did not Know Him. The Men of Jerusalem had no Clue about the Birth of Jesus but Men from afar got revelation about it. Familiarity breeds contempt. They were already used to hearing about God that they have lost their reverence for Him. I have discovered that most Believers are already so familiar with the message of the return of Jesus Christ to the extent that they no longer live each day with fear of being left behind at rapture. I have also discovered that those who are afar appreciates a godly Man more than those who lives in his own House. So don’t be discouraged if those who are around You don’t appreciate something of Christ Likeness in You. Remember it happened to Jesus also.

We have always noted that God always chose the foolish things of the world but here We read of Wise men seeking for Jesus. So I perceive that these are Wise men who have considered the wisdom they had as foolishness when it comes to knowing the Lord. God is not against Wise people. But He is against pride that consumes Most Wise people. But these Wise Men showed their Humility by traveling a Far distance seeking for Jesus. Let us therefore Humble ourselves like these wise men in our search for the Lord. Let us recognize that all our intelligence and wisdom is Useless when It comes to knowing the Lord. Only those who are Humble in Heart gets revelation about Jesus.

Another thing we see about these wise men was their Strong Conviction. They were so particular and specific about what they were Looking for, they said “Where is He? We Know He has been Born!! Even if You guys are ignorant of it, as Far as We are concern, The King of the Jews is now on Earth!!! Where is He?”. This should put shame on us!!! Despite we have the Scriptures clearly written Yet, we find it hard to stand up for our convictions. We see a Truth in the Bible but we are afraid to express it because others around us will call us Fanatic or Holy Joe!!! They were like “We don’t care what You call us, what We know is that We have seen His Star!!! And we are Sure about what we Saw!!!” Has the Lord shown You something in the Scriptures? Be bold and sure about it!! Even if the whole world does not believe it, once it is written, Stand for it. Those who will find the Lord must be ready to stand alone, if that is the only way to hold their Convictions.

Also note that What the Wise men saw was a Star and not an Angel. But Yet they maximize the use of the Star. You don’t have to wait for a Vision or an Angel from Heaven before You start seeking after the Lord. The Wonderful works of Creation should Convince Us that there is a God in Heaven. The Little things we see around Us Should create a Longing in our Hearts to seek after the Lord.

Finally, The Main reason why the Wise Men were seeking for Jesus was to Worship Him. They were not seeking after Him for Miracles, Healing, prosperity and stuffs like that. All our seeking after God must be to Worship and Adore Jesus. These indeed are the True Worshipers whom the Father is Seeking for.

Heavenly Father, Give Us Grace and Wisdom to Learn from the Attitude of these wise men towards the Lord. Amen. God bless you. Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus


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