Day 003 – The Significance of Jesus name!!

The Significance of Jesus name!!

You shall call His Name JESUS, For “He will SAVE His People from their Sins”….. Matthew 1:21

This Verse reveals the main reason why Jesus came to Earth. If the reason why Jesus came to Earth does not correspond with the reason why we are accepting Him into our lives, then there would be conflict of interest.

Jesus came to SAVE His People from Sins. But Most of Us Thinks He has Come merely to FORGIVE Us Our Sins.

There is difference between being SAVED and being FORGIVEN. Forgiveness is a Lower Level of Life compare to being Saved.

For Example, imagine You Sinned consciously today and You asked Jesus to forgive You. He will definitely forgive You. Then again the next day, You committed the same Sin, and You asked Him to forgive You again. Sure He will forgive You again. The next day the same Sin, the next day the same again!!.. But come to think of it, Is that the best the Lord can do for Us? Are we suppose to be a perpetual offender? NO!!! If Jesus has the power to Forgive Us, then He can also Save Us from Committing that same Sin!!! We are suppose to be Overcomers!!!

Remember Jesus said to that woman caught in Adultery ” I do not condemn You, but Go and Sin NO MORE!!!(John 8:11). This woman got forgiveness and She got Grace to Go and Sin No More. Don’t ever be Satisfied with mere Forgiveness. Jesus is the same Yesterday, today and forever. He says to you today” Go and Don’t Steal anymore!!” Go and Don’t Watch that Dirty Movies any more!! ” Go and Don’t Commit Abortion, Fornication, Masturbation anymore!!!”.

Dear friend, His name is JESUS!!! And He has come to SAVE His People from Sins. Are you one of His people? Have You experience what it Means to be Saved for Sin? Are You tired of Coming again and again to ask for forgiveness in the same Failures? Come up Higher my Friend!!! You can be Saved from committing that same Sin. You can be an Overcomer in that area. Jesus can keep You from Falling. Sin is not suppose to be Your Master!!! Call unto Jesus for Grace. Humble Yourself before Him. Don’t come short of the purpose of God for Your Life. Ask Him for Grace. Believe in His Power to give you strength and victory over Conscious Sins in every areas of Your Life. Jesus is on your side in your battle against Sins. May the Lord Help Us as we walk in Victory henceforth. (Amen). God bless You. Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus.

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