Day 002 – Joseph the Carpenter!!!

Joseph the Carpenter!!!

… After His Mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with a Child of the Holy Spirit. Then Joseph… not wanting to make her a public example…. But while He thought about these things,… An Angel of the Lord appeared Him saying saying.”…. That which is conceived in Her is of the Holy Spirit “…. Matthew 1:18-20

In these verses, we see the attitude of Joseph when He discovered that Mary His Wife to be was pregnant. The way Joseph handled the situation was so impressive and instructive. And we can learn from Him. Consider this.

(1) Joseph did not want to make Mary a Public Example: The Law of Moses Commanded that any woman betrothed to a Man and found pregnant for another should be stoned to death(Deut 22:23-24). But Joseph was a Man who will not expose other people’s Sin. He was willing to let her go secretly. He didn’t go around telling others that Mary was a prostitute. Just imagine How painful It would have being for Him, If after so many Years of Courtship, You discovered that Your Wife to be was Pregnant!!! The Human Flesh is so corrupt, it is so quick to Spread bad news about People. There is a corrupt pleasure we get by exposing the Sins of others even when we don’t have the accurate fact. But Joseph was an overcomer in this area. No wonder Joseph was the First Man called a Just Man in the New testament. No wonder he was qualified to be the Earthly Father of Jesus. The Lord is always looking for people like Joseph to establish a relationship with them.

(2) He thought about these things: Joseph was a man who thinks deeply before Making a Decision. I perceive He was Meditating on How best to handle the Situation. He must have been thinking of what to tell people if they asked him about Mary. The more we meditate on how to handle Situations, the more the chances we have to receive divine Visitation and wisdom from God. Majority of Us have missed divine Visions and dreams because we are too quick to take a decision. Majority of Us have made terrible mistakes because we did not wait upon God in prayers and Meditations. How do you think Joseph would have felt If He had put Mary away and exposed her to the public and later discovered that the pregnancy was truly of the Holy Spirit? Very Sad I suppose!!! The more delicate a decision is, the longer the time we should wait upon the Lord in mediations.

So Dear Friend, let us learn from Joseph the Carpenter. Don’t be quick to expose the Failures of Others. Remember that Jesus never exposed Judas although He knew from the beginning that Judas will become the Traitor. Become more like Jesus who never expose Your Sins to other despite He was 100% Sure of the fact!!! How foolish We are to expose others when we are not even sure of the fact!!! Always think Good of others. Take time to pray and Meditate before taking a Decision. Even if All Your reasonings says You are right in your choice, Always remember that you Could be Wrong.

 May God give Us the Grace to apply this to our Lives. 

God bless You. 

Have a blessed day.

#Everyday with Jesus


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