Day 001 – The Genealogy of Jesus Christ

The Genealogy of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 1 :1-18).

The story of Jesus began with a List of Men and Women who happen to be his Earthly Family Line. We should remember that Jesus was the only man who had a choice of choosing those who will belong to his family tree. And it is interesting to see some of the people Jesus chose.

1. David: An Adulterer, who because of His Love for Women Killed a Faithful Army of Israel just to take His wife.

2. Abraham: A man who Lied concerning His wife and Sexually abused a Little Slave girl who lives in His house.

3: Isaac: A man whose Eyes has become dim as a result of his Love for Meat. He requested a bribe from His Son Esau before He could bless Him. Despite He knew Esau was not in the will of God.

4: Jacob: A deceiver, who bargained to buy birthright with food. Deceived His Father for the Blessing. Became an object of Sexual battle in Laban’s House and Ran away with Laban’s cattle.

5. Tamar: A woman who played as a Harlot, had sex and got pregnant for Her Father-in-law(Judah). She gave birth to twins Perez and Zerah.

6. Rahab: A well known prostitute in Jericho who hid the spies that were sent to spy Jericho in the time of Joshua.

7: Ruth: A Moabitess, whose Great grandfather was born out of incest that Lot committed with His Daughters.

8: Bathsheba: This is the wife of Uriah, who was forcefully taken by King David and Sexually abused.

From the List, We can learn something about Jesus. He picks people who are despised by others. Jesus is so Humble that He seeks to associate with Sinners in order to save them. He has come to show us that No matter How terrible Your Family Background is, He is interested in You and not ashamed to be related to You.

Dear Friend, Are you an Adulterer? Are You consumed by the Love of Women? Have You murdered to get what belongs to someone else like David? Are You a Liar? Have You Sexually abused innocent Little girls who lives in your House? Are you a Deceiver? Have you stolen someone else properties like Jacob? Are you into prostitution Like Tamar and Rahab? Are you a Victim born out of incest Like Ruth?

Don’t be discouraged My Friend, Jesus is seeking for someone Like You to be related with. He is not ashamed of You. Respond to His Call, Come to Him Just as you are. He can change You. He can wash Your Sins away. He can make You whole again. Just be Honest with Me, Confess Your Sins to Jesus. He is at the Door of Your Heart seeking Your permission for entrance. God bless You as You respond to His Love today (Amen).

Have a Blessed Day!!!


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